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What Time Does The Banks Systems Update

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    If the banks all update their systems at different times, would it not be possible to transfer your funds between accounts? For example at 11.30pm transfer to to Bank A then later once that bank has updated its system to bank B etc, up to the faster payment limit every evening to gain interest from multiple accounts each day?
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    Does anyone know what time HSBC update their systems?
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    Hey, I'm dto get paid on the 24th, which is today right? I'm with Lloyds TSB. What time will the money go into my account?!!
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    Mrs_Ryan wrote: »
    Santander seems to be at 11pm the day before the credit is due - for example, OH gets paid weekly each Friday. However, upon logging in at 11.30pm last night his money was in and was able to use his card online. A&L used to be anytime between 1am and 3am so this is a definite improvement - about the one thing Santander managed to get right :rotfl:

    I bank with Santander and sometimes my salary showed up as early as 9pm the day before payday however, tonight it just went in at 01.20am - so I think it depends on the BACS system and how many people are being paid on the same day as you i.e. today payday before Christmas (peak times). So with my experience with Santander this can vary between 9pm - 1.20am. But I have checked before and my wages haven't showed up at 2am. So I would say between 9pm - 3am, but with my experience it's usually around or before midnight.
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  • Why continue with a thread that has been dead for 7 months :mad:

    oops I've just done the same :rotfl::rotfl:

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    fiesta04 wrote: »
    Why continue with a thread that has been dead for 7 months :mad:

    oops I've just done the same :rotfl::rotfl:

    It's the forum's fault really. There needs to be some way to signal that a thread is not actually a current one. Perhaps if threads were shown by #of posts in last [fixed period] -say [>10 in last week?]? That way the occasional thread like this that gets revived would only 'pop up' after that minimum # of fresh posts had been added.

    You could make the ordering quite sophisticated but I don't think MSE is particularly interested or technically minded about things (otherwise many sensible changes would have appeared down the years and the current site wouldn't still look like (well) a 'bulletin board'!
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  • I have read the thread for funds that clear into bank accounts in the uk between 9pm to 3am. But I am wondering on ybs a building society and does it update with backs as bacs do end to end does that mean that my wage will clear around midnight as normally bacs does ?

    Hopefully not 9am I'm pondering
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