Great 'Quit it and save' Hunt

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Great 'Quit it and save' Hunt

People often repeatedly spend on things they don't really need, may it be out of habit, compulsion or otherwise. We want to hear MoneySavers' stories of things given up and how much weight it has added to your wallet as a result.

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  • toddles*
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    We recently gave up Sky+ and got a freeview recorder from Freecycle. It will save us £100's every year and we are not missing it at all. Having Sky was completley out of habit but when we thought about it we only watch the freeview channels anyway, mainly the BBC ones. So just not worth it for us
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  • dazzle21
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    I gave up my daily coffee shop habit... £3 a day for coffee... what was i thinking?! Now reserved for a treat, and max twice a month when i meet friends!

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    August: £149/£150

    Sept: £200
  • I have decided to give up expensive coffee shop coffees in the morning and drink the (admittedly rank) instant one we have in the office. With the money saved I have so far managed to fill 2 shoeboxes for the Shoebox appeal of Operation Christmas child. Happy me for taking in less sugar and calories - happy children for getting a Christmas present!
  • This may be an odd one but true. 5 years ago I gave up the evil weed, not only did my health improve, (though I have put on a lot of weight) The money I didn't spend on cigs every week paid for me to become a solo glider pilot! Oh, and I wasn't a very heavy smoker, it's just that gliding is cheap.( c. £30 per lesson all in at our club once you pay for membership)
  • tiff
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    We've given up borrowing money to buy a car. We now drive a 1999 Saab 93, bought with full MOT in May. It cost £1200 as that was all we had available to spend at the time. Now saving for the next car. Just dont see the point in borrowing lots of money and paying interest on something that is depreciating all the time.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • Kay_Peel
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    Two things:

    I stopped sending Christmas cards (what is the point of giving cards to neighbours, friends, brothers, sisters and people you work with?)


    I stopped buying newspapers and magazines. For Christmas/birthday presents I asked for a 12 month subscription to Prima Magazine (£19, delivery to the home) and The Week (a digest with excerpts, comments, analysis and reviews from all the newspapers delivered to my door every week for £30).
  • I've made a new years resolution to give up buying clothes this year...not only has it saved me a fortune in clothes but also saved me time as I no longer wander around just to see if there is anything I like.
  • I gave up fags, saved £60 per week..this lead to stopping drinking alcohol/coffee & tea.. a further saving of about £30 per week. Yes, I would have died sooner had I carried on..overall I`m much happier & healthier now. & my kids are delighted. Give up the addictions!
  • antilles
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    Stopped buying tea in the work canteen, and started bringing my own cup and tea bags in, and using the free hot water dispenser in the canteen. Saving of approx £2 per day, or over £500 per year!
  • I quit sky+ as I was only watching the free channels and was going to buy the equivalent free view box. Within a month sky offered me half price subscription for 12 months, on a monthly contract with £50 of M & S vouchers of cash back. Saving over 12 months £164! Thank you sky.
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