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Great 'Quit it and save' Hunt

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  • MatariMatari Forumite
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    ...I HAVE NOT smoked: 7180 cigs (based on 20 per day) and NOT SPENT a massive £1975.00 (based on £5.50 per day).

    So I am nearly £2000 less in debt than I would be (thank you to the designer of the iQuit widget for my Mac).
  • BobbinAlongBobbinAlong Forumite
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    I've given notice to cancel Burda, my last sewing and knitting magazine which has now got to £4.75 a month. The patterns are getting too way out for me and I'm not doing as much as I used to. I've got twenty years worth of back issues because I'd never get rid of them, so I'll always find a pattern that's close enough to what I want. Besides with no pay rise due until August 2013 (civil service :( ) I'll need a few economies.
  • Lots of ways to save if you think selfish - I no longer send any cards or buy presents for anyone. When I need to phone someone I let the phone ring a couple of times so people don't have time to answer and then let them ring me back after they've dialled 1471 - works a treat. I also check shopping trolleys in case anyone has left their pound coin - happens more often than you would expect. Also worth checking your supermarket receipt before you leave the store as often things don't scan at the reduced price if they are on offer(specially at ASDA). If you use the self-checkout call the assistant if the scanned price is incorrect - otherwise it's a long wait at customer services watching people return grubby clothes without receipts for a refund.
  • I quit.. going out to bars/nightclubs. Never liked going to either but was often dragged along by workmates/friends etc but have taken a stand to say no. Instead I spend my nights in the gym, or cooking for people at home. Much much cheaper!
  • luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    I quit buying Boots' special offers, glitches & reductions in toiletries while kidding myself they were 'bargains', as of 24th January this year.

    I'm still working my way through the stash & have only just had to buy shampoo for the first time this year :o.

    I've got enough shower gel & bubble bath for myself & the family the next 12 months easily - and that's after donating a box full to a local charity!

    Not sure how much I've saved - but well over £100 :eek:
    I can cook and sew, make flowers grow.
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  • I decided to make a really conscious effort to eat more healthily before my final year exams at Uni. I pretty much cut out crisps/sweets (Approximately 50p-£1 per day) and soft drinks (60p/day - £3/week). It has saved me so much money! And my concentration and performance really benefited. I decided to keep it up because of the difference it made. The demotivator helped with this when I worked out that I spent somewhere between £500-700 on junk and munchies in a year (if not more).
  • milliemillie Forumite
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    You would save more money if you let them overcharge you. Because they are supposed to give a £2 gift card to you if you are charged incorrectly and if they don't then ask for it.
  • VailaVaila Forumite
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    ive quit giving cards and also buying magazines
  • I've quit on a lot of things. The "finest" foods are one and even the mid price foods. I have given up on shopping lists and planned meals to go into town and see what is "on offer" such as asda yellow label stuff. I then make up a good 2 or 3 course evening meal for less than £5 for two of us per day.

    Given up on the car because the alternator is the latest thing to go wrong so use the bus now.

    Given up on football tickets, sweets, pies, lottery tickets except the occasional euro millions rollover.

    I've given up on impulse purchases and now make things last longer when before i'd just go out and buy a new "thing". An example of this is shoes. I had 5 pairs of shoes, each one has now been exhausted and then still worn for many months after. I'm now down to one final pair and these have finally given up the ghost.

    Another example is my watch glass broke, I would have replaced it imediatly at a cost of £20 but then two weeks after that I dropped it again. It would have been another £20 but the hands still turn and tell the time so I've not replaced it yet.

    I've given up on buying wood and building materials prefering to skip dive now.

    Th listgoes on and on but if you are, like me skint to the extremes then saying no is quite easy.
  • becc36 wrote: »
    I've made a new years resolution to give up buying clothes this year

    Don't you get a bit cold ??? :)
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