Asking for an early posting

If you are in an E2 posting is it any easier to ask for an early posting seeing as your position can be covered by any capbadge or is it equally as difficult??


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    Anyone know anything?
  • You can ask but it depends if you want to go back to Bn or not and how long you have been in post. If you have a good reason i.e compassionate/medical then they will look at the request, put a trawl out if they think it's feasable. If you just dont like where you are and you want away the chances are not good. Spk to your RCMO and see what they say.
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    thank you. this is the 2nd posting in ni for the hubby so he's been here since june 2007 and due posting in april 2012. his current boss has said that he should not have been allowed to accept or even put in for this posting and that the previous boss should never have recommended he go for it. Both the postings here are static and with very little in the way or courses/exercise or anything regimented at all. His current boss has expressed his concerns that this is damaging hubbys career and both the boss that's said this and the sgt are both prepared to back my hubby all the way to get a new posting.

    My hubby is a Royal Engineer so has a trade, but hasn't done that trade properly since he was in Germany prior to being here.He did do some in the previous posting. He knows that you are not always given a posting with your trade, but he feels like he is falling behind on keeping up to date with his trade and his combat skills etc. He is volunteering left right and centre for anything he can at the moment, just to try and give his bosses something to write on his cr as they don't do anything in this posting - it's a regimental police unit that was only created in April this year and is very badly organised by the superiors. Due to bad management he has just been called back a week into a 2 week exercise that he's joined another unit on as someone had not looked at the office leave/course/exercise calendar before authorising another soldiers leave!

    Sorry too have rambled on! We have no problems with returning to the mainland or in fact going anywhere - hubby just wants to be back with a proper regiment, after having spent over 3 years out of one with the prospect of another 18 months. He is trying to prove himself to get on the board of promotion next year but it's just not going to happen at this rate.

    He's tried getting hold of the army air corp RCMO as that is the only one available to him, but there was a period without one with a cross over of staff and the new one seems rather illusive! Will jsut have to see what is said when he finally does get to see him.

    thank you
  • Ok so even though he saw the aac rcmo last time about courses and stuff the new one (who he got hold of today), point blank said he has nothing to do with him. So now my hubby has to go to another reg here and see if he falls under their rcmo as no one in his coc seems to know. they have one woman assigned to them but she isn't an rcmo and cannot advise him????
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