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'Would you use a 'free' Nando's stamp?

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Former_MSE_LawrenceFormer_MSE_Lawrence Former MSE
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edited 12 October 2010 at 11:24AM in Money Saving Polls
Would you use a 'free' Nando’s stamp?

Last week Martin overheard two chaps boasting their friend, an ex-Nando’s employee, had taken a loyalty card stamp when he left and now stamps his friends' cards to get them free meals. This is clearly theft and/or fraud rather than a loophole – however some would still do it – how many?

Be truthful, if your friend had a stamp (for Nando’s or elsewhere) would you ever use it (split by gender and age)?

YES (I’m a man aged under 30) - 1,707 votes (14 %)
YES (I’m a man aged 30 – 50 ) - 1,943 votes (16 %)
YES (I’m a man aged over 50) - 265 votes (2 %)
YES (I’m a woman aged under 30) - 1,279 votes (10 %)
YES (I’m a woman aged 30 – 50 ) - 1,659 votes (14 %)
YES (I’m a woman aged over 50) - 184 votes (2 %)
NO (I’m a man aged under 30) - 466 votes (4 %)
NO (I’m a man aged 30 – 50 ) - 1,480 votes (12 %)
NO (I’m a man aged over 50) - 621 votes (5 %)
NO (I’m a woman aged under 30) - 459 votes (4 %)
NO (I’m a woman aged 30 – 50 ) - 1,534 votes (13 %)
NO (I’m a woman aged over 50) - 624 votes (5 %)

Voting has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)


NOte I thought of this poll as I posted about the conversation on my facebook page and was shocked at how many people said they'd use it. It will be interesting to see if the poll results bears it out.



  • short_birdshort_bird Forumite
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    No on 2 counts, I'm a vegetarian...
    Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.
  • NO (I’m a man aged under 30)

    Mostly because I wouldn't use loyalty cards...
  • No because taking the stamp is theft and stamping the cards is fraud. These are commited by the ex-employee. The person presenting the card will also be guilty of fraud.

    Would the people who voted 'yes' agree with an ex post office employee stealing stamps from work and then giving them to his friends to use?
  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
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    No, I like a bargain as well as the next person but it's got to be legal...

    Getting a free meal from a disgruntled ex employee would spoil the taste of my food.

    besides, even if I had no scruples, there's no Nandos here in Dundee..:p
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  • mand-mcrmand-mcr Forumite
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    As an employee of a similar establishment who also offer a 'loyalty' card, i can assure you there is nothing 'free' about abusing this scheme as it is a) fraudulent as the cards are the property of the establishment and employees only have permission to give them out in exchange for the reuired number of purchases, giving them out for any other reason is theft, and b) In the current climate, these establishments are monitoring all costs and often dont take into consideration the work and labour required to serve these 'customers' as no sales are generated, often cutting hours and staff numbers :mad: Most feign ignorance:A but if an offers too good to be usually is, and buying them off ebay doesn't make it right!!!!!!!!!
  • rinoa778rinoa778 Forumite
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    No. I'm a stickler for the rules.
    If another friend went along with this, I'd make some excuse to not go out (to Nandos) with them (even if I did pay full price for my meal).

    I'm surprised that there is a disgruntled (ex) employee, I thought they were a good company to work for?
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  • CHlHlROCHlHlRO Forumite
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    NO. Now if it was an ex-Caffe Nero employee I might be tempted but since the ones in the branch I use like to stamp my card three times every time I buy one coffee anyway I don't really need that sort of help ;)
  • Red_CatRed_Cat Forumite
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    No because it is dishonest.

    Also I hate Nando's food (despite liking hot spicy grub), so the "friend" would not be a friend to me by getting me free meals there.
    Hoping this year is better than the last. :)
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    Marigold123Marigold123 Forumite
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    edited 6 October 2010 at 12:13PM
    Interesting. So far, it looks as though it's fairly evenly divided between the sexes, and that the age group who mainly WOULDN''T use the card are those between thirty and fifty. Men over 50 also wouldn't, but all the others mostly would. It's an odd division. Could it simply be that more people in the categories who wouldn't are likely to be at work doing the poll than the other groups, and being with others influences the way people answer? It would have been intriguing to see these results broken down further by age, I think.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it, because although I'm very much in favour of saving money, I draw the line between money saving and actual fraud. Past that point it simply wouldn't have been an enjoyable experience for me. (I am in the 30-50, female, age group.)
    A penny saved is a penny gained
  • I'd expect the majority would use the card, though I've voted no. I've learnt through experience in my line of work that more people than not are fundamentally dishonest and willing to break the law as long as there's a decent chance they'll get away with it...
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