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Cheap Train Fares guide discussion

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  • hi from Ipswich!
  • Hi any answers??
  • KeithPKeithP Forumite
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    On your other thread.
  • veryintriguedveryintrigued Forumite
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    Transpenine express are reporting 25% off fares for three days on 2.5 million fares.

    Not that I could find one on my route....
  • I am trying to buy tickets for London to Edinburgh in August.
    The Trainline seems to offer discounted single tickets £40 and £49. These are advance tickets

    This gives a saving on the standard return of £140.

    However, these tickets are not available via Virgin East Coast (who run the service) or any other website.

    I am guessing that Trainline is presuming that it can buy up the cheap tickets as soon as they become officially available.

    Do forum members agree? Or can they suggest a better way of getting the best cheap tickets without going via Trainline.

    Thank you forumites for your previous answers. Always helpful.
  • millermiller Forumite
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    I tried for Monday 6th August on and £49 advances were showing on the 1300 and subsequent departures.
  • It seems as if these tickets have just become available all the way to the end of September (just as per Trainline).
    Perhaps it is down to the power of MSE!
    Thank you in any event
  • DeloresDelores Forumite
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    My work now requires me to travel down to London every week (Tuesday-Thursday return journey)

    I have to at least arrive at the office in the morning and leave in the evening, but I've noticed that Virgin Trains doesn't seem to offer any cheap tickets (less than £60 single) on this route anymore. It used to be that I could look at the dates 12 weeks from now and get a cheap return. Now it seems like you can book any date in the future, but the cheapest single ticket that gets you there in the morning is £159. The train back is another £40 at least.

    Am I just looking in the wrong place? I can't spend +£200 travelling to London, with accommodation on top of it! My work doesn't cover the travel/accommodation.
  • MSE_KelvinMSE_Kelvin MSE Staff
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    MSE Staff
    Evening forumites.

    After all the rail chaos caused by the timetable overhaul over the last couple of weeks, we're featuring train delays in this week's Money Tips Email, and we're looking for a couple of case studies to encourage MoneySavers to claim their money back.

    1) Have you claimed back £100+ via Delay Repay?

    We're looking for anyone who has been refunded £100 or more for a delayed journey in the last couple of months.

    2) Have you ever got money back after complaining about poor service on a train?

    Have you ever been given a refund or received compensation after complaining about dirty toilets, broken seats or the Wi-Fi being down on a train, or anything else along those lines?

    If either of these apply to you, I'd love to hear from you - simply reply on here or email [email protected].

    Thanks for your help!

    MSE Kelvin :)
  • Spent most of morning trying all your suggested ticket split tools and they definitely did not provide me with any cheaper deals..?

    Are we supposed to split the journey ourselves into sections to keep the costs down.. or is the tool supposed to look at the options which we can then select..I got the same prices quoted across all sites! Then as I repeated searches over the same sites with similar dates over a 2-3 hrs period they all went up!!!!

    Theses search engines are all rigged to cost you more and more money without giving you time to think of your options it is disgusting.

    Thank you Though money savings expert for trying to help us
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