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Overwintering strawberries

I have always had my strawberry's in the ground, and had a great crop this year after they got covered in snow/frost last winter.

HOwever, due to having little space and so many now I have put them in planters and wondered if it's still alright to leave them outside this winter. I'm in Scotland so it gets a tad cold in the winter.
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  • whowants2brich
    Strawberries give the best crop after a good freezing, so you'll have a headstart on all us southerners! They also have a better second and third year than the first. And then struggle to produce any fruit in years 4+. So what I've read is to take note of which are years 1, 2, 3 and 4+ and try to remove the more mature plants, to make way for fresh new ones.

    Or dig some up and give away as presents (plants, not fruit, of course) if you know anyone who would like them... Unless you like making strawberry jam, that is, in which case you'll need lots and lots of plants!

    Good luck!
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  • torbrex
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    I am going to put my strawberry planters under the car port and check them once in a while to make sure they are not dried out.
    I am in Fife and hopefully that should keep them away from the worst of the weather.
  • cootambear
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    They are very hardy.
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  • morg_monster
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    The plants I got from runners this season are all in small pots (3-4") at the moment; should I put them all together in a big pot before the winter? I know people say they are hardy but does that include having all the soil/roots frozen solid?!
  • zarazara
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    I have several new plants in small plant pots, I am going to keep them near the house wall for over the winter,then plant out into the allotment in the spring,as i cant do at the moment as it place they are going in still has turnips in it.
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  • wornoutmumoftwo
    I've just given up my allotment and have had to house 25 strawberry plants in my own garden, so they're all in pots now but I prefer the ground.
    Payment a day challenge: £236.69
    Jan Shopping Challenge: £202.09/£250
    Frugal Living Challenge: £534.64/15000
  • morg_monster
    morg_monster Posts: 2,392 Forumite
    thanks i shall put them all by the wall of the house - hadn't thought of that idea! much better than repotting in the cold damp weather!
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