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Peugeot Just Add Fuel Insurance/Credit help

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Evo685Evo685 Forumite
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I am looking for help and advice.

We have looked at the Just Add Fuel offer and spoken to a dealer who is willing to rent the 207 for 3 years etc and total costs will be about £220 per month. The dealer is happy with the deal etc.

The deal includes:Free Comprehensive Motor Insurance†
  • Servicing
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Road Tax*
  • Warranty
The driver has no points, any accidents or convictions. A UK License of 2 years is also a fulltime University student.

Then after agreement a week later the dealer called to say the finance company refuses to finance the deal no matter what we do even with a hefty deposit of 50% and we offered to pay the full 3 years rental payment in advance and still can not get the Just add fuel deal.

I believe that if you are over 21 but under 25 you can not get the free insurance deal because the salesman said to us "I was suprised they allowed you to have a deal on a 107 Millesim because they do not allow you to have a deal on a lower spec car." Because that is the minium age for a Millesim is 21 years old as advertised because my dad has never been refused finance for anything. So we do not think it is the credit check that is refusing us the deal but the age of the driver involved.

Does anyone have any advice or a similar situation?

Thank You


  • Strider590Strider590 Forumite
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    There was if I recall a "catch" to this "deal", im sure someone will come along shortly and explain...
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  • turneg1turneg1 Forumite
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    My daughter has just tried to move onto the just add fuel deal. She has had two Peugeot 207's on Peugeot Passport and never missed a payment and they have just refused to finance the replacement car. They will not tell the dealer why because of the data protection act. She tried phoning them but wouldn't tell her, she has to write in.
  • Kilty_2Kilty_2 Forumite
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    It's quite likely they'd refuse finance if the insurance underwriter doesn't want the risk - I don't know why it comes as a shock to you
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Wasn't the catch a continuing payment after the fuel and go period so you will never actually own the car?

    Smallprint from their website - grey on white - nice combo!

    If you choose to pay off the optional final rental at the end of contract, you can keep the car but will not own it – you will pay an annual rental equivalent to one of your monthly rentals.

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