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Help with my Cordyline palm tree !

We have an 8 ft Cordyline palm tree that soon after flowering it's leaves started to yellow and now we're left with a floppy head of brown leaves. Unfortunately, there are no new green leaves on the crown any longer :(

However, at the base of the trunk are quite a number of green shoots which seem to be vigorously springing up.

If we allow these new shoots to grow will they develop into trunks ?

Is the head of the tree a goner regardless of what we do with the new shoots ? If so, then should we cut back the trunk to base level ?

Thanks :)
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  • Hello,

    Yes this has happened to mine too! I think it was the really cold winter we had last year - mine were exposed and unprotected - and the high rainfalls we had in the spring. I have eased away some of the new shoots and replanted them and I think they have taken. I have removed most of the crown which was rotten but left a few shoots to grow in situ where they will in time replace the dead cordyline. Hope this helps
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    Thanks for your reply.

    It's a little more problematic for us as our palm tree is the centrepiece of a squared piece of gravel. If I take cuttings from the shoots I'm still left with the problem of what to do with the palm tree.

    What I'd like to know if possible is whether the new shoots at the base of the trunk will develop into trunks themselves in time.
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    I have been looking to buy one of these plants this year for a large ceramic pot. The Red variety. I have bought two previously but they have not been the Hardy ones and I have lost them both, would any one know where to buy the Red hardy Cordyline from?

    I think the new growth from your plants will develop trunks again in time. Probably best to leave the old trunk for a while until the new growth gets established.

  • both my red ones died this year. too much snow probably!
  • Yes those new shoot will weather etc allowing, develop into trunks. This happened to us!
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    Excellent replies, I just wanted to add to them really. Last years weather meant I saw so many of these poor things fade away. Some we cut right back to the soil and some we left a few inches of stem. We had to take measures as you can't leave a dead droopy plant in some of the gardens we visit, but its a shame to take out something that has a good chance of coming back.

    About a good 80% grew new shoots so do try cutting back...
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