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Best place to buy UPVC windows

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thisnamesuxthisnamesux Forumite
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I'm looking to have some windows replaced.
I am desperate to avoid the big companies, as I don't feel they offer good value.

I have seen some on wickes for around £290

My plan is to buy them seperately, and have them fitted by a local fitter.

Is this a good idea?

Can anyone offer any suggestions of places to buy good quality windows other than Wickes? Are wickes any good?


  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    If you are buying them yourself then I can't recommend anyone more than this company. For years we had a window guy, small local independent, who no-one else could touch on price. Until we found these people. They manufacture the windows on site and they do every type, style and combination of window and the lady there that we deal with is incredibly knowledgable and efficient.

    We buy our windows from them and then pay a fitter.

    Seems to be a sale on for the next couple of days!
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  • ViksBViksB Forumite
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    I know it is always annoying when people revive old threads, but I need some tips on this to.
    We are looking to replace our windows with UPVC windows and would like somewhere reliable.
    We are in the Hull/ East Yorkshire area.
    We have seen this site which is good as it allows you to get online quotes for various windows, rather than having to phone or email, but have no idea if they are any good or too expensive? and the delivery costs from Dorset to Yorkshire are excessive!!
    We have also tried as they also promise a 24/7 online quote system, but haven't managed to get onto the quote system although delivery prices are much better.
    Any recomendation for Hull and surrounding areas?
    Thank you so much.
  • Hi,

    I had an attempted break in last year and the insurance replaced the front door. The door was a profile 22 but the insurance fitted an eclipse profile.

    The door that they fitted has had several problems and it has now concaved in the middle. I have requested that they now fit a profile 22 door that was there initially but the insurance company are saying that there contractors dont provide profile 22 and I have to have what they supply.

    I have been told that the eclipse door is an old way of making the profile whereas the profile 22 has 6 layers or more making it better quality.

    I was wandering what peoples thoughts were with these 2 profiles and should I insist with the insurance company?

    Many thanks!:)
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