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What are you gonna grow different next season?

This was my first ever year at growing anything,and i think ive learned from my year im going to,
1)Only plant potatoes from ones ive bought to eat(didnt get much different amounts from "old eating tatties" and ones bought to grow,
2)wont plant so many cherry tomatoes(ive now got loads),will try some large ones too,
3)wont grow cucumber,had a good crop,but hated the spiney jaggy exterior-didnt know they were like that,put everyone off eating them,
4)dont think il bother with carrots...the home grown ones are very very sweet,plus carrots are so cheap to buy,dunno if its worth the bother.
5)wont bother with cabbage,mine didnt firm up at all,large floppy leaves eaten alive by beasties,
6)will get better netting for my kale,it grew well,but the beasts ate it once they had finished off my cabbages,
7)wont bother with onion sets...mine died off quickly(birds pulled some up too)..I (foolishly)didnt realise you only get 1 onion from each "bulb" anyway...not worth the effort.
8)im gonna grow more spinach/parsley(for our guinea pig)
9)overall concentrate more on veggies that are expensive in the shops...salad leaves,fresh herbs etc,are usualy ridiculously expensive.
10)One things for sure gonna do it all again,and im still gonna try and be growing some things over the winter too.
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Week 10,total weightloss is now 13.5lbs Week 11 STSweek 14(I think)..-2, total loss now 1 stone exactly
GOT TO TARGET..1/2lb under now weigh 10st 6.5(lost 1st 3.5lbs)


  • cjb02cjb02 Forumite
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    good luck. sounds like you have a plan.

    I want to try and grow a different achocha next year. grown fat baby for the last three and it is great but want some thing different. I would like to try stevia rebaudiana, tried it a couple of years ago and it was great going in to the greenhouse and nibbling the leaves but didnt plant again this summer as I forgot
  • misskoolmisskool Forumite
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    you can buy cucumbers which are not spineless. But they are mostly greenhouse F1 all-female variety.
  • wallbash wrote: »
    Less Tomatoes

    I agree totally! And also fewer courgettes!

    I will also give brocolli and sprouts a miss as the caterpillars just find their way in to maul them no matter what I try to do.

    In their place I'm going to try sweetcorn and mangetout for the first time. Will also plan the salad leaves much better to ensure a regular supply.
  • jedi82jedi82 Forumite
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    Hiya, i also had my first proper year at growing veg this year. This is my plan for next year:

    more herbs
    better successional sowing of lettuces
    more tomatoes
    more strawberries
    get a blueberry or white currant bush
    start asparagus (and then wait FOREVER lol)
    no broad beans as they were horrible!

    loving the garden!

    Jedi x
    Finally getting my life on track. Onwards and upwards.
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  • SunnydaySunnyday Forumite
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    Great thread :D

    Next year i will move the runner beans to a different spot so that i can pick them without flattening anything else.

    I`ll grow the chard on its own as this year i tried to hide cabbages in between and the caterpillars have had most of it.

    Won`t grow cabbages again as this is the third year that i`ve tried and they end up just as a few leaves and then the caterpillars strike.

    Will only grow peppers in the greenhouse - the ones in there did very well but the outside ones were rubbish.

    Thin out the raspberry canes and i now have far too many - they are taking over the garden.

    Plant more beetroot, i didn`t grow as much this year and i regret it.

    I`ll also only grow ferline tomatoes, they did fantastically well, the ailsa craigs did well too but showed signs of blight once we started getting damp weather.

    The cucumbers will go outside instead of the greenhouse to see hw they do, they took up far too much room inside scrabbling about all over the place.

    Sweetcorn will get tiny bits of paper fastened over the ends of the cobs so that nothing can eat into the ends, i`ve stil no idea what ate my bumper crop of corn this year.

    I also need to keep sowing the salad greens and herbs so that we have a constant supply.

    I`m slowly learning what grows well in my garden and what struggles but i`ve been really pleased with lots of things, i think my main problem is that i overcrowd it a bit when things need more space. I have lots of seeds ready for next year and plan on starting quite a few things off early as i did this year as it made a big difference.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    SazboSazbo Forumite
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    edited 28 September 2010 at 9:51AM
    lol Jedi, I'm going to grow more broadies next year coz I thought they tasted lovely and they were so easy to grow :D More beans generally, I think.

    Had great results from the blight resistant 'beefsteak' variety of tomatoes called Fantasio, but since nearly all my growing is done in pots, I do think they got a bit large for their containers... so hmm...

    Didn't really know what I was doing last year with the raspberries and blueberries, but had a good crop nonetheless. Have just had a go at pruning them properly so hopefully they'll be in good shape for next year. Also planted all my strawberry runners, so ditto for next year.

    Limits on space mean I don't have enough room for a lot of things, but as cooking mama says, carrots, onions etc are cheap to buy so will concentrate on veggies that are dearer in the shops. I too want to do a better job of successional sowing for salady stuff.

    Garlic and chillis again, deffo. Am going to try and over-winter my chilli plants this year, in readiness for next. And maybe I'm a bit weird coz I quite like the spiny outdoor cukes :D and they grew quite happily, so I'll do those again next year. And same as Sunnyday, I want to grow more beetroot, it was delicious.

    Won't bother with aubergines next year. Think I really need a proper greenhouse for those.

    One thing I do want to do is expand our herb garden. I found this year I had much better results if I started them off inside and then transplanted them outside, rather than direct sowing, so will do more of that next year.

    And my Christmas spuds are coming on a treat at the moment, so fingers crossed for those! Will repeat that next year if they do well.

    Only trouble is we are planning a 3-week trip to the States next May - so that might hamper my plans somewhat! :rotfl: :o

    Best thing for me with gardening is I'm constantly learning :)

    Saz x
    4 May 2010 <3
  • cooking-mamacooking-mama Forumite
    2.1K Posts
    Thanks for the replies guys...youve given me some ideas to try different things too,im going to add Butternut squash,chillies and garlic to my list for next year. :)
    Forgot to mention in my original list,im also not going to bother with french beans...didnt get much crop and family not keen on them anyway.
    No point in growing stuff that no-one wants to eat.
    Slimming World..Wk1,..STS,..Wk2,..-2LB,..Wk3,..-3.5lb,..Wk4,..-2.5,..Wk5,..-1/2lb,Wk6,..STS,..Wk7,..-1lb.
    Week 10,total weightloss is now 13.5lbs Week 11 STSweek 14(I think)..-2, total loss now 1 stone exactly
    GOT TO TARGET..1/2lb under now weigh 10st 6.5(lost 1st 3.5lbs)
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    I am going to grow potatoes in bags as they weren't earthed up enough. I am going to grow a few more courgettes - one wasn't enough for fertilisation. More runner beans too which have been a success.

    I want to grow some strawberries and rhubarb and see if I can have more success with the salad stuff.
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • I'd like to grow more root veg next year - especially a few parsnips & swede for roasted roots. Also want to grow more beetroot, it was lovely but only did us two meals. Got the salad growing spot on with two weekly succession (any extras go to the hens), but next year will add coriander & spring onions to the salad sowings to ensure a more constant supply. Won't bother with radicchio or chinese cabbage (didn't like either much), but will grow more pak choi (fab in stir fries) and have already put in much more garlic, we use loads. More peppers, less aubergines (if any). Different tomato varieties - the only one I'll be growing again from this year is Gardener's Delight. The Roma were too unwieldy as plants (will stick to cordons next year) - the Moneymaker were good, but a little green around the stalk. Planning on trying Big Red for a beefsteak. Experimenting with asparagus, globe artichokes & scorzonera - first two are in as small plants from seed, the last one will be sown direct in the Spring. Here's to another bumper year :-)
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