Help for a newbie please

I have £2400 owing on a barclaycard -apr 19.9%
I have now applied and recieved a card from the Post office and one from Saga .
The post office is a balance transfer rate of 0% for 12 months and then 16.9%. They have given me a limit of £2600 so would be able to transfer all on to that card .
The Saga card has a 0% for 9 months -but the APR is 11.9% afterwards -they have given me £2000 .
I am not sure i will be able to repay all of it within 9months (maybe with a bit of luck most of it leaving around £500 at the most hopefully).
Which is the best one to transfer on to ?
The 12 month interest free with a higher APR or the 9 month interest free with a lower APR ?
Thanks a lot.


  • danouk
    I would move it all on to the post office card and see how much you pay off in 12 months. After the 12 months see what's left and move it to another card at that point. Barclaycard offer me 12 month 0% balance transfer deals all the time, and may start to offer them to you once you have cleared your balance with them.

    Take into account any transfer fees too.
  • Naillig51
    Thanks -thats what i was veering towards.
  • YorkshireBoy
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    Could I ask why, with a great many cards offering 13, 14, 15, and even 16 months 0%, you chose to apply for one with 12 months and another with only 9 months 0%?
  • Naillig51
    My credit rating wasn''t that good -i only got Barclaycard as i banked with them , i have built up my rating on my card .
    I got made bankrupt about 7 years ago and its been nearly impossible to get any credit .
    I applied for a few other cards about 3 months ago and they all turned me down.
    I used Martins check list to see who i had a better chance of getting one with and these accepted me .
    I will do what danouk suggested and then if need be nearer the time apply for another 0% interest one .
    Bty then my credit rating should be even better i hope .

    The saga one does have low interest too, compared to others .
    My barclaycard was 19.9 % -so can''t wait to do the balance transfer this week and cancel it .
    Big thanks to this site for helping me do this.
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