Anyone any idea what GPD is on a payslip?

My hubby has checked this months payslip and he's got a GPD payment of a couple of hundred pounds. It's in the description as Gross Public Debt, but we're not sure what it's for. Just wondered if anyone could shed any light?
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    This is usually used to recover an overpayment. JSP 754 has some information, there may be other documents available on armynet.

    Is your hubby registered on armynet? I find it is the best way to access any admin info I need from my home computer. You can register to use the site as well so long as he agrees.
  • i had that ages ago, "the army " had it that i had recieved 2 grand or so from them, which i hadnt, so they began taking 150 or so quid a month out me wages till it was paid off. i highlighted it straight away to me coy clerk, done what ever they do, the gpd stopped after the 3rd month then i got refunded whatever they took off me.

    big pain in the !!!! if its a mistake. but it could easily be over payment or a fine or summit i guess.
  • Thanks for your replies. It's a credit to his pay, not a debit. He's in the RAF, but can access it through a JPA reader at home. It's strange, but they are taking some overpaid LOA back this month. They've taken it in one hand and given it back with the over....very strange! Hubby pottering off to admin on Monday. Thanks again HEG2010
    Starting again and working towards our new df life!
    A very proud forces wife
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    looks like its the setting up of an overissue of pay (loa).
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    Its really hard to tell from the JPA screen of whats being deducted from the monthly pay run, as it does not tell you everything.

    What pretty much happens is that if you were to go away, (say 1st - 20th July) then the allowance would be paid for the whole month, then the following month they would deduct the time you were not away (21st - 31st July) and show it up as GPD.

    This deduction would be shown up on the JPA screen in a basic form, but the real information is on the paper pay slip due in the post.
  • Thanks Alias, you're a font of all knowledge as normal!

    It's just a bit strange when you're expecting the overpayment to go out, but it doesn't. Just worried it's going to keep kicking over until Decemeber and going to make it a very long month. Hubby's off to admin on Monday to get them to check it. Thanks again x
    Starting again and working towards our new df life!
    A very proud forces wife
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