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RAC MOT Insurance

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Has anyone had any experience of this? I've got a V-reg car which I bought this year which has its MOT due in Jan 2007. On my last car, the most recent MOT cost me £400. The RAC policy is £50.

However, I notice quite a few exclusions (Brake disks, pads, etc). These (from memory) are the things that tend to cause a lot of MOT failures, so in a nutshell, is the RAC policy worth it?

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  • Like any type of vehicle warranty,it probably does not include what are regarded as consumable items,for example brake pads,tyres,exhausts etc.,for this reason i would be more interested in knowing what they do cover!!As with any warranty insurance,you need to work out if you need it or not,i took out 5 year cover on my tv but did not need it,i felt better for having it though,it all comes down to money and peace of mind.i too would be interested in knowing if anyone has claimed on one of these policies.
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