please help? am so confused!

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i joined 18866 months ago when advised on here and did made some great savings, bill average about £10 extreme max. so i receive a monthly bill from them. then somehow although i have no recollection i seem to have joined just alk as i now receive a monthly bill from them too. i also have bt on bt together option 1. so a quaterly bill from them. i also have broadband/internet access through wanadoo at £17.99 a month.
NOW this month i receive a bill from 18866 for £30 admittedly there were a few longish calls to my husbands mobile (tend to call him at least once or twice a day for approx ten mins. BUT i notice the 5p connection bill to 18866 which i wasnt aware of. OBVIOUSLY it seems time to change, but even after doing the uswitch calculator i am no wiser? where am i going wrong? and who should i be with? i do have a mobile on vodaphone and do get x amount of free calls with them but never seem to get the full use as i am constantly worrying that i have exceeded the free calls so generally only use it once or twice a month. i also have a payg mobile where for £10 a month you get lots of free texts (do not have this facility on vodaphone contract)
as you can see it is little wonder i am confused. i am on benefits now due to damaging my back so would like to know i was getting value for money where as all i feel at the moment is ver old and unable to keep up with the which phone provider? please help?


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