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Speed camera - calculating speed travelled?

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wobblegobblewobblegobble Forumite
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Does anyone know how to calculate the speed you are travelling from the speed camera photo that the police send to you on request? I think it is a either a mobile camera or a average distance camera that has been used. On the photo the speed is blacked out but it shows the distance travelled in metres? The police have not issued me with a fixed penalty notice but have referred it to court for a possible summons so I am assuming I was well over the limit. Very bad and totally irresponsible I know but I am (rightly) worried and was hoping someone could tell me if i can work out the speed I was travelling.


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    Sorry I don't know the answer but have you already admitted it was you driving? Have you returned their info form yet?

    I have read info that suggests if there are more possible drivers in your family who 'may' have been at the wheel that day, you can reply saying you do not know which of you was driving. Then they cannot summons you and sometimes give up.

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  • wobblegobblewobblegobble Forumite
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    Coupon-mad I have already replied and admitted it was me. So I dont think that route will work.
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    try the forums on, they're a great help
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