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Building Insurance Increased Excess


Just received my building insurance renewal from Saga. I flooded in 2007 so this has to be considered.

The cover has increased by about 30% but the excess in now £10,000.00 that a 50 fold increase since 2007 when it was £200.00.

Is this allowed - are other seeing this type of increase - I am struggling to find alternative cover.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • This is common with previous flood claims, unfortunately.

    The Environment Agency has also reclassified postcodes, which the Insurance Company use when underwriting the premium.

    Obviously, as time the years go by, and you are claim free (from flood), you would be in a stronger position to try to get that excess removed.

    You are probably stuck with the existing Insurer for the next few years and then hopefully can look elsewhere.

    The only other thing you could do if you were really desperate is to see whether you can exclude flood, but obviously this is not the best course of action to take.

    Also see whether the sums insured are correct on the rest of the Policy, if not, you might be able to save some money by reducing them (but obviously not to a level where you would be underinsured).

    If you go on the Environment Agency website there is a facility on there to type in your postcode and see whether you are in a designated flood risk area. Lots of blue around your postcode is not a good sign!

    If you aren't, then that's good as it really is just the claim that is affecting your premium, which as stated previously will fade away in a couple of years (5 probably) when trying to secure a more competitive quote.

    Hope that helps

    Kind regards
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    I don't think you are stuck with the same insurers at all. Ring a few other companies or go on the comparison websites. It can't do you any harm.
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  • Thanks for the replies. I have also been using another more local forum and found that the increases by Saga are common, and apprear to be positioned to get rid of us that live in flood risk areas.

    I now have insurance with Halifax, who are cheaprer and provide a better level of cover. The excess is back to the £200 level as 2 years ago.

    I was also pointed toward More Than who have helped several friends, but I took the Halifax as I was happy with the offer.

    Halifax appear to be happy just to pick up new biusiness.

    Thanks again & if the above helps other then its been worth it.
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