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Plum Tree s ....

Hi,I am thinking of buying a plum tree and was wondering whens the best time of year for planting one out in your garden.... Any other tips or recommendations of plum tree much appreciated... Paul


  • Lotus-eater
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    Pot grown plants can be planted any time.

    Bare root plants are planted when they are dormant, in winter and are cheaper than pot grown trees, if you want one, order one now so they don't run out of the one you want.

    Plant a plum tree in a hopefully frost free place in the garden, not at the bottom of a slope etc (it's worth reading up a little about it before you plant). Otherwise you can lose all the blossom to a late frost, plum trees are particularly susceptible to this.

    Re type, if you have look at Blackmoor nurseries, they have a decent description of each one and are happy to answer any questions you may have, such as, I live here what's best for me to plant?
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  • DogsBody
    Agree with ^^^^^^

    However, if you have room for only one plum tree, make sure you pick a self-fertile variety, or check to see if your neighbours have plum trees in their gardens! Otherwise you might not get very many plums!!;)

    Victoria is the obvious one. But there are plenty of others - can't help with suggestions though as it's too cold for plums here so never really looked into it. :)
  • steady__eddie
    An excellent piece of kit is a plum tree IMO. I bought one donkeys years ago at the end of the season from Woolies for 50p. A rather sickly looking specimen but after 12 months it broke into full production. It was a Warwickshire drooper (self fertile I believe) and produced a sweet yellow plum in abundance. The only probs that I encountered were that like tomatoes, you get zillions in a relatively short space of time. I was taking a carrier bagful to work every day to give them away. My mate had a bag off me one Friday and when I saw him the following Monday he gave me a right dressing down. Apparently he and his wife had settled down to watch the telly and tried a few plums, after remarking how nice they were they scoffed the lot over an evenings viewing. Well by the early hours, the laxative effects had started to take effect. I did not delve any further into the lurid details. :rotfl:
    The only other prob that I found was that the weight of the fruit had a tendancy at times to break the branches. I kept a few free range bantams at the time and they would rummage through the long grass looking for windfalls. Some had lain there for a while and had started to ferment, I wondered why they staggered back to the roost.
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    Have a look here http://www.brogdalecollections.co.uk/brogdale-identification.html

    Brogdale has the national fruit collection and there is a helpline that you can ring FOC and they are happy to advise on anything fruit related!

    Fruit Advice Line
    Need advice on why your fruit tree stopped growing, how to prune a fruit tree or ways of preventing pests from eating your fruit crop? Now’s your chance to consult an expert from The National Fruit Collection for free. You can call on 01795 536250 (normal call rates) any Friday afternoon between 2-4.30pm. The line will be manned by fruit enthusiasts who will give free advice on growing, planting and pests. When calling you also get the chance to free membership of the Friends of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale!
    For any queries please contact 01795 536250 or email: [EMAIL="sallyroger@brogdalecollections.co.uk"][EMAIL="enquiries@brogdalecollections.co.uk.''"]enquiries@brogdalecollections.co.uk[/email][/EMAIL].''
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