JPA access when husbands away.

hubby is forever out of the country for months on end, daughter is boarding school.
Hubby had to sign forms stating i have full authority on JPA whilst he's out of country to do things like the school bills claim and flights each term.
Now they have decided i'm not allowed, therefore we have been slapped with late charges for not submitting school fees on system which they wont allow me to and my daughter has sometimes been stranded and us footing bills because her flights have not been booked.
best one is, to put school bill on JPA for authorisation or to apply for school flights when my hubby is in afghan he has to find a terminal,do paperwork, print off the approved forms which hold booking numbers, send it to me to then go and put into BHQ. Please am i the only one that thinks this is taking the !!!!.


  • Thats JPA for you!
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    Can the JPAC help at all? I don't believe the system was set up to be like that. Honestly - even for MOD this has to be wrong. Good luck - persevere with the JPAC/Welfare/Hive and get it sorted out for your own sanity.
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    I'd imagine JPAC will not even think about helping you, they're really anal about data protection and all that rubbish. I mean who designed the system where a clerk (cbt hr specialist I mean) can't ring them and try to sort out a problem without the person stood there?!

    You can't be the first person this has happened to though, try talking to your husbands RAO or RAWO, they should sort it if you go straight to them (unless they're on tour too)
  • the sfa was the one who gave me the permission, his OC is the one that threatened to charge him.
    Spoke again to sfa about this and they said they will sort something out but not holding my breath because of this yet again i have a £600 late fee from school because school allowance not paid on time but the army try and blame us for it.
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    You can login to JPA through any computer account on that network, so if you went with a friend and found a lonely computer im sure they could log you on, and assist you with the JPA process. In our HR Section, they have computers ready to logon to JPA with a generic computer username & password. These computers are just restricted to JPA only.

    This probably is very much against all the computer rules, but im times of need you do what you can.

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    try Army Families Federation representative for your area - must be able to help surely.
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  • You can put in a manual claim for your CEA if you have no access to JPA, or are not allowed access to JPA. It does take a little bit longer though, but your Husband's Admin Office should be able to do that. You will need the current bill that you are claiming for and proof of payment of the previous terms bill as these need to be sent up to JPAC before they authorise it.

    I know this, as this is 1 of my many jobs in the RAO !!
  • i did that for this term, put the manual claim in beginning of July, by september when allowance wasnt paid found out it was not put on system by clerks. its now on system, jpa said next cea run 7th october so now going to be late and incur yet late fees again from the school because of this.
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