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Sturdy Fabric Cat Carrier?

in Pets & pet care
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Anyone know where I could find a good cat carrier? I had one of those giant plastic ones, it weighed a ton and was a pain to take on the bus, but unfortunately Teddy the kitten managed to squeeze through the gap between the door and the top and broke the hinges. She's not used to traveling yet, and she's rather strong for a kitten.

I'm thinking I'd quite like one of those fabric cat carriers that you can carry on your shoulder, or one of the backpack ones, but it needs to be sturdy enough that she can't rip her way out of it if something frightens her. It would probably be good if it was quite closed off inside, so she doesn't feel too exposed.

I had a look at the ones in Pets at Home the other day but can't say I was impressed, they had these little duffle-bag type ones made of faux leather but the mesh on the doors looked very flimsy. Plus they were only available in baby pink, and I refuse to do that to a poor innocent animal :D Anyone got any ideas? I need to buy one before I take her to the vet for her shots, which should be soon.
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