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Can you grow a rowan tree in a pot?

Hi there,

I am have ordered a free rowan tree from the velvet tissue offer and think they are beautiful trees, but just wondering is it possible to grow these in a big pot, or is this not a good idea.

If not i will recycle it on freecycle but i would love one just not got the space for a large tree, they can grow quite big can't they?

As you can tell i'm not a hardy gardener but i'm learning :)

Thanks for any help.


  • DKLSDKLS Forumite
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    Yes you can I have a number of trees in pots including a rowan to be used as portable screening.

    My suggestion is use a good quality soil, throw in a handful of water granules and feed, and if you can sit the pot on a tray as they can get very thirsty in a pot and it should be fine.
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    Yes is the short answer, however they will require a bit of care!

    As the root spread is limited in a pot, the tree is effectively 'Bonsai' so it will not grow as tall as if it was in the ground.

    You will need a good soil based compost (John Innes no3 or/and a mix of your own homemade if you have it).
    It will require watering and feeding regularly (liquid or slow release fertiliser), through its growing season (spring/summer).
    It is advisable to keep transplanting to a larger pot every few years if you can, if you want a reasonable size tree.
    Some top pruning may also need to be done if you do not want to transplant to a huge pot - just to keep it to a natural height and spread in line with e pot size. (do this in winter to reduce incidence of disease spreading)

    They are very forgiving and beautiful trees - they grow halfway up mountains in nothing but scree in Scotland so I think you will have no problems!
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  • Thank you for your helpful replies and i am happy i can keep this tree, i will take good care of it with your suggestions x :j
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