Using Tesco vouchers in Restaurants.

Hello All,

I've recently exchanged my Tesco clubcard vouchers into Restaurant vouchers for Prezzo - my boyfriend and I have £40 worth to spend on food.

My questions is - do you have to mention the vouchers when you book a table? or when you order?

Having never used them before just want to double check!


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    The answer is no, just bear in mind when u use your vouchers you cant use them on drinks and deserts, although when i went to bella italia i paid part voucher part cash and they took full value off the vouchers off so had 4 drinks for £2.49.
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  • I have always mentioned that I will be paying with tesco vouchers when ordering.
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    Desserts not included :o(

    I know drinks aren't as it says so on the vouchers, but not mention of dessert not being included!
  • Drinks and Desert offer best mark up (i remember from when it was my business) so that may explain why they are excluded.

    I just exchange mine for Airmiles, i am probably missing some great opportunities...
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  • andyrulesandyrules Forumite
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    Is the dessert thing new then? I've always used my Bella vouchers for food, all food. It's just the drinks that are excluded.

    And, no, never mention, just present the vouchers/cash when the bill comes! Cynical I know, but I wonder if you would get inferior food or something!! :D
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    i used my clubcard vouchers in strada and desserts were included just had to pay for drinks maybe it depends which restaurant you dine at
  • i had our deserts included in our vouchers for cafe rouge so the bill was £4 something for our drinks :)
  • We always just say when we order and we use these 4 times a year if not more.Id second what was said about bella italia,they just take the total off so have ended up not even paying the full amount for drinks .
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    I always mention it before ordering. Never had a problem. Also I've got desserts with them. But best to check that too!

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    i always mention them when i order - just cheched tescos website and it says not to be used for drinks - no mention of desserts so no idea where that comes from. we always have puds when we go out with tesco vouchers
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