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on the back of the label of 2 litre bottles of cravendale is a code, you register at (not link sorry dont know how) then you put the code in and it gives you one point, if you recommend a freind it gives a point for each one. 8 points gets you a sweet set of tea towels or some kiddies spoons, 10 points get you blue and cream stripey milk jug or cereal bowl or a funky mug with room underneath for biscuits also a tumbler with a cravendale design on it, finally 25 points will get you a cravendale design teapot. the only thing i havent been able to work out yet is if you have to pay any p+p it doesnt mention it.


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  • under the T&C's it says once reward has been redeemed please allow 30 days for delivery if after this time your chosen reward has not arrived please contact our promotional customer care line on 0161 214 8094 so from this I would assume that you do not have to pay P&P costs
    Great post OP, finally a promotion that is offering some decent rewards, I used to love collecting nescafe beans until they changed all the nice rewards to crappy ones, wasnt even worth it in the end although saying that did manage to get most of the good rewards before it all changed, it was good while it lasted:)
    LOVE isn't finding someone you can live with. It's finding someone you can't live WITHOUT :heart:
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    thank you sexylullubelle (great name!) i do fancy the milk jug and some of those cute tea towels and cravendale is always on bargain at one of the supermarkets, they just seem to take turns! at the moment until end aug its on two for £2.50 in sainsburys and in tesco they have just put it on at two for £3. I like the taste and the fact that it always has a really long date so buy it a lot which means it wont take very long to get the goodies im after.
  • Excellent! Just joined. Thanks OP
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    just redeemed my 1st goodie, went for the tea towels, as i put in my 8th code a the word "redeem" popped out of the toaster so i clicked it and it came up with the catalogue again except this time it gave you the option of a left handed cookie mug or a right handed one ! how thoughtfull, as i am left handed i will have to go for one of those next. At no point did it ask for any p+p just asked for address and said tea towels are on their way.
  • Evening,

    Would anyone be able to private message me some voucher codes from the cartons as due to not being able to have milk... im a bit stuck!

    Would be great if anyone could help me please...

  • In only need one more code.... can anyone please help?

  • LemonyLemony Forumite
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    If anybody has any spare codes could they please PM me? Thank you in advance. :)
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    You can get two free codes by entering the Morrisons Cravendale competition - link here

    The codes will appear at the bottom of the confirmation screen after you have submitted your details. The answer is 7.
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    Oooh thanks very much for pointing that out barnabee. :)
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