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Can anyone help?

I'm so slack I haven't even done anything about some cashback points on my Halifax One Card that I've accumulated.

I have approximately 3,000 - does anyone know what I can do with them? From googling around I can only find out which cards pay the best etc... plus the fact that Halifax now no longer offers cashback points.

Can I actually get cash back? Or a holiday or something redeemable for the points? Or are they now worthless?

Any help gratefully appreciated!!


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    Last time I looked the 'One' card offered cashback at 0.5% - paid on the 13th month (i.e one month on from the anniversary of opening the account.) This amount was paid automatically as a 'cashback award' credit to the balance rather than as a cheque.

    (1 point = 1p)
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  • Thanks!

    I'll have to check my statements to see if this has happened. Embarassed that I'm so financially dippy I didn't even know this...:o

    I'll try and time my balance transfer that I'm now looking into to coincide with the 13th month anniversary - well, providing it's not 12 months away...!
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