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  • I applied to Applause Stores just last week and have been to three different events already :confused:
    Eeee by gum, does your belly touch your bum ? :p
  • Vegas07 wrote:
    I've been registered with Applause Store for a year now and I've applied to loads of shows - NEVER had any tickets from them! I find it really disheartening...

    I'm joined up to them and i get regualar invites, i went to the final eviction night at Big Brother and the one where Lisa got evicted.

    I managed to get mine from Bluewater, the have an applause store there on the top level near a coffee shop.

    You can get your tickets there and then althought they are not guarentted to get you in. I had to queue for 4 hours to get into BB7 (sad i know) but it was well worth it for a free night out!

    Hope this helps, but if your around the Bluewater area...............go to their stall, you can get top gear ones there too! :money:
    :heartpuls I love this place! :heartpuls

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  • jillski wrote:

    I have been to see des & mel. also loose women with clappers they used to ring quite often with tickets to shows but I could no longer go due to work comitments.
    HOW MUCH ?
  • vixarooni
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    Im going to see a question of sport being filmed on the 5th of feburary. Apparently they hand out 50 tickets to one person so they can fill up a coach. It took the woman a loooooooong time to get them so i think patience is required and perserverance big time.

    Im really excited!
  • MSE_Martin wrote:
    What's it about?

    Free tickets to TV shows, radio broadcasts etc are offered to the public in many different ways, via specific websites, in newspapers and trailed between programmes etc.

    These can make a good no-expense afternoon/evening out for you and friends.

    What to do

    I want to tap MoneySavers' wealth of knowledge to collate an easily accessible list of sources for people to refer back to.

    Please click reply and leave your tips in this format:

    Type of tickets (eg TV, radio):
    Live or recorded (if known):

    PS. Wright Stuff.
    As I'm doing the Wright Stuff on Five this week, I thought I'd say there are looking for audience members daily and you can go there by calling 020 7284 7710 / 7715. It is filmed in Bayswater west london and is live from 9am to 10.30 am

    Hi Martin
    Once you register with granada they will send you emails advertising free tickets to see there shows. Email address is "Audience Relations" <>
    it can take a while through filming and retakes but its a good night out.
    they are looking for audiance memebrs for their new show called
    soapstar supercook
    good luck
  • Does anyone know if there are any studios/shows in the central/midlands areas? All the ones I've seen are for down south!:A
  • Pete283
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    Milton Keynes or Luton area anyone?
  • Magenta
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    Hi Markypj, having had a look I can't find anything for Birmingham or West Midlands.:o Has anyone else found anything?
  • 1141katie
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    I hope I am ok posting this here. I received an email from Standing Room Only giving me 2 tickets to see 'After You've Gone' with Nicholas Lyndhurst on Thursday 26th July. Unfortunately I can no longer make it. If anyone wants the tickets message me and I will email to you. The only thing is that they are in my name and the email does say that you MAY be asked for I.D. I will call them Thursday and cancel tickets if I haven't heard anything. Thanks :)
  • littlegerts
    littlegerts Posts: 151 Forumite

    free tickets to a variety of gear, x factor, big brother

    you have to be quick in applying for popular shows though and are often put on the reserve list, you are emailed for tickets to not so popular shows!!
    hi does anyone know of tickets for any shows near aberdeen?
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