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Cost of carpenter to make built-in wardrobes?

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Cost of carpenter to make built-in wardrobes?

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littlesnuggylittlesnuggy Forumite
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I've just moved into my first non-rented home and instead of buying wardrobes am thinking of getting a carpenter to create some built-in storage into two arched recesses in the bedroom.

They each measure 1m across, 48cm deep and 2.5m to the highest point of the arch.

I'd like doors on the front, a few shelves at the bottom, a hanging rail and then a separate cupboard in the arch at the top of each, as per the scribblings on this photo:


Could anyone give me some guidance on the sort of cost I'd be looking at for doing a pair of these, please? Any insight from past experience or from tradespeople would be much appreciated; don't want to waste a carpenter's time getting him round to quote if it's going to cost hundreds!


  • jenniferniljennifernil Forumite
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    My first thought is that 48cm is too shallow for a wardrobe if the rail is to run side to side. A wardrobe really needs to be 55-60cm deep.
  • becsbecs Forumite
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    I agree a hanging rail will be avery tight fit. Our wardrobes are 52cm but you may get away with 48cm. Our hangers are 45cm so not much room for error!
    We had wardrobes fitted next to a bulkhead and above the stair bulkhead and I think it cost us appx £450, can't remember exactly as the carpenter was doing other bits for us as well so was only part of the final bill. The wardrobe above the bulkhead has shelving in and a space for the tv, the wardrobe next to it has 2 half height hanging rails and 1 full length hanging.
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    HorlockHorlock Forumite
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    don't want to waste a carpenter's time getting him round to quote if it's going to cost hundreds!

    Not wanting to sound synical but "hundreds" sounds like an underestimate for a carpenter. Hundreds is the sort of money you pay for flat pack wardrobes from tesco.

    If you want wood and you want a joiner I'm thinking more in the region of thousands - but to qualify I'm not a joiner and you would have to get a quote to be sure.

    The following is probably not relevant but thought I would add we bought our wardrobes from http://www. simplybedrooms. com (skipping skimlinks) and were not disappointed - but these are quality flatpack wardrobes not a joiner job. I only mention them because at the time we bought them I could find nothing to prove the company was reliable online - they were. I have nothing to do with this company am only a satisfied customer who is willing to recommend a good product at a good price.
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  • Two days maximum for a carpenter, plus materials

    £150 a day around these parts, and at a guess about £120 for materials if using standard melamine or mdf sheet, and a bit more if doors are to pre-formed and then reduced to fit
  • Depends on whether your looking for a Carpenters finish or a Joinery finish.Traditionally (still applies IMO) the Joiner makes the wardrobes,windows,doors etc and the carpenter fits them.Pricewise it depends on specification of the job, no doubt a carpenter could make you some storage (2 recesses, mdf,etc) IMO at least 4 days work..........With a joinery you should expect to pay well over £1500 for the two recesses.The doors would be purpose made, curved work costs im afraid...There are many who will make and fit now.

    I would also agree with other posters when they say the recesses are not deep enough.I tend to make wardrobes 600 deep...

    Thee are 2 types of Carpenters 1st fix (pitching roof,stud walls) 2 nd fix Carpenters (hanging doors,fitting architraves,kitchens,skirtingboard,fitting staircases etc, everything after the plastering has been done) The Joiner makes the doors,staircases,kitchens,cupboards,wardrobes etc.........Each is skilled but in different ways.........I would never give an "estimate" for work like this over the internet without a specification..never works.Its easy pricing up hanging a door but with work like this there are too many variables....
  • Thanks for all the input, much appreciated. I was thinking of £400 max budget for whichever option I go for (built-in or 'flat pack') so I've probably got my answer. I've seen some wardrobes on Ikea which say they're child-size but fit adult hangers and they're 48cm deep, so might go and have a look at them tomorrow - the style looks nice in the online photos but have never bought Ikea furniture before so want to see them in the flesh to check quality/sturdiness etc.
  • HorlockHorlock Forumite
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    If money is a serious issue for you, you might like to consider

    making them yourself - Perhaps rectangular doors and keeping a curved storage area at the top without doors (curves are very difficult)
    getting second hand - freecycle or ebay (we sold 3 wardrobes on ebay for under ten pound for the lot - nothing wrong with them!)
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