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We signed up with Unicom just over a year ago for our business calls. At the time of signing, I told the rep (who was sitting in our home at the time) that we were thinking of emigrating within the next year and didn't want to be tied into a fixed term contract. He said that if we were to leave the country it would be fine and there would be no penalty for ending the contract early.

First big mistake - I signed up for their service. Sure enough, within the year we emigrated to Canada. We informed them of this well before we left only to be told that because we were a limited company (they knew this when we signed up) there would be a penalty for terminating early.

This has now been going on for many months - they email us to tell us they have been trying to contact us (knowing that we are now in Canada and not at the address we were in UK, nor contactable by phone in the UK) we email them back explaining why we haven't paid the £152 early termination fee, and trying to get some feedback from them, but it's a little like dealing with robots. They never respond to any of our points or questions, and now we have had a letter via email telling us that if we don't pay within 7 days our debt will be passed to a debt collection agency.

[TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] Nobody responds to our emails and we feel we should just pay it and learn never to trust a rep again. BUT then we think, 'why should we pay this when we were led to believe there would be no penalty?'

We feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall and basically would love to tell them where to get off, but, even though they have no address for us here in Canada, we feel sure that they would be able to sell the debt to a Canadian debt collection agency who would then track us down. The costs will be extortionate and it wont look good on us.

Any advice would be great thanks. We really are at the end of our tether with this one.


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    Unicom Telecom of Manchester is probably the worst telecom company to deal with in Britain.

    In 2010 my company had to relinquish our lease on our small shop because of lack of trade owing to a number of local factors, the landline was with BT and the calls with Unicom, I also paid the bill for all outstanding calls made from the building before leaving The landlord of the shop sold the premise to another business and they dispensed with Unicom because they had dealt with Unicom before and it had cost them a lot of money to get out of a roll over contract. My contract also turned out to be a roll over contract and they are now demanding a fee of over £700.00 to cancel this contract even though they are not providing any service. They harass my wife and I by day [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] and send threatening letters from a sister firm called UDC (Universal Debt Collection). They are now threatening to take me to court.
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    We signed up to 3 year contract yesterday .How do I cancel within the cooling off period ? Second thoughts on being locked into 3 years for little gain.
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    I would have thought that if you were running a business, reading before you sign would be second nature.
  • magpiecottage
    I would suggest you make a complaint that their representative told you differently and this amounts to misselling.
  • Griffit
    I am also in dispute with Unicom for termination fees. I complained to the Telecoms Ombudsman Service, who I believe are funded by the telecoms industry, and guess what, they found in favour of Unicom. If anybody honestly believes that an "Ombudsman" funded by the industry which they are meant to regulate will give an impartial view, then dream on.
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    Griffit wrote: »
    I am also in dispute with Unicom for termination fees. I complained to the Telecoms Ombudsman Service, who I believe are funded by the telecoms industry, and guess what, they found in favour of Unicom. If anybody honestly believes that an "Ombudsman" funded by the industry which they are meant to regulate will give an impartial view, then dream on.

    Paid for and outcomes are two different things and anyone who thinks that you can link the two things should dream on.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
  • Damntheswines
    I'm in similar situation. Signed contract last year but cancelled switchover, of which we have proof as talk talk gave us credit to stay. Now there is a steady stream of bills, it over £1500 now. Been through all the aggressive calls, and now calls from debt collectors. I just wanted to know if anybody ever reach a resolution and if so what was the outcome??
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    Hi, can anyone help?

    i had one line with unicom for about a 18 months. i wanted to move my line to my home address. they said "we cant do this as it is a different area code"

    so, i took another line out. i asked "if i took another line out could i cancel the old one and would it cost?" they said "yes you can cancel the other one and there would be NO COST" as i had taken another line out!

    months later i was still getting billed for the other line. its taken months to deal with this and they still billed me.

    i stopped paying the bill and after a few months they passed it to a debt collector. i rang unicom and they said not to worry, its noted on the system and they were dealing with it.

    they haven't delt with it and have now passed it to another debt collector. i was ordered to pay £1046.00 (outstanding bills + £800 termination fees for both lines)

    i rang unicom and they said they can not talk to me about the account anymore as it is being delt with by the debt collector.
    i explained to the debt collector and he knocked off the line rental for the first line and said all i have to pay is £800 (which had to be payed on that day or i would have to pay the full £1046!! what a joker.). i have payed £400 and have to pay the other £400 next month.

    so stressed out!!

    unicom said they cant find the recording of when i took the 2nd line out, surprise surprise.
    and the debt collector can only take my word for it!

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    You know, bumping up a thread from 2010 which has the title "Text Deleted by Forum Team" is probably not the quickest way to get answers to your problem?
    If you are having debt problems, I suggest you post over on the Debt Free Wannabe forum

    You don't appear to have anything to "re-claim" and your debt has defaulted and been passed to debt collectors.
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