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  • I transferred a lot of money to spain for a house purchase and followed a lot of the recommendations from this chat forum and would like to highly recommend the following:
    Robin Haynes
    Foreign Currency Direct

    Extremely helpful and made everything very easy to understand. I will telephone Robin again next time I need to send money over.
    Also got a terrific rate ;) Many Thanks

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    I did use isxfx a few months ago and their service was alright.
    I have been trying to contact isxfx by phone since yesterday and cannot get a reply, has anyone used them lately.
    I notice their phone no has changed to an 0208 no but their office is Fleet Street???
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    Try Currency Direct ( 0800 328 5884. I used the recently to move US$ for a house purchase and saved £3,500. Free account set up and trades at 1% below spot, fast efficient and friendly - I would recommend them and use them again.

    In the world of FX, what does 'spot' mean?
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    I think this rate is very close to interbank one that you can see, for example, here:
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    I am trying to arrange the transfer of money from my house sale in France to my bank in the UK by doing a 'bank to bank' transfer. Is this the best and only way given that I will have no control over getting the best exchange rate? My UK bank tells me that I can negotiate a rate with them but I'm not sure how that would work and obviously I'm nervous about involving and unknown third party.

    Cheers guys.
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