OAP and new credit card?

With Nationwide withdrawing the cheap/free use of Flexaccount card and credit card abroad what are a couple of over 65's to do?

We only have our pensions, £1300 per month and I admit I only used Nationwide for the free/cheap use abroad and my current Flexaccount balance is 6p.

I don't suppose Halifax will give me a Clarity Card but I don't suppose it will make any difference to my credit rating if I applied and was turned down.

My main banking is with RBS and I don't really want to dump them as my CA is normally £99 in the red and it does not cost me anything in OD charges and they usually give me 2p interest every month.

So any ideas for a couple of OAPs for their spending abroad or should I just accept I might have to find another £10 (or whatever I saved by using Nationwide)when I go on holiday?


  • Jammi
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    The SAGA credit card sounds like an ideal option for you. Its specifically for the over 50s and it charges no fees on foreign currency transactions.

    Alternatively Fairfx.com do a range of prepaid mastercards where you load the card at very competitive exchange rate and pay no fees on purchases. you can get a dollar or Euro Card. There is even the option of a pound denominated "anywhere" card.
  • Marcusp
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    SAGA credit card

    Them and I had a falling out, so that's a no no.

    Probably cutting off my nose to spite my face but that's the way I am
  • costaerer
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    £1300 isn't a bad amount of 'income'
  • Marcusp
    Marcusp Posts: 125 Forumite
    £1300 isn't a bad amount of 'income'

    I never said it was.
  • izools
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    What is your main reason for wanting to dump the Nationwide credit card?

    If it is for the overseas usage, it might be worth considering a prepaid card. The Fair FX card is great for loading up with overseas spending before you leave, the exchange rates are very competitive and you can preload the card with Sterling, US Dollar, or Euro if you wish save foreign currency conversion fees.


    If you have a stable income which you can prove (sounds like you do) then it couldn't hurt to apply for the Post Office credit card which offers free transactions abroad, too.

    When you say you had a falling out with SAGA card, did this result in any bad information going onto your credit file? It might be worth getting a copy of your credit report before applying for the post office card as the information stored there is far more important than your age when a lender is making a decision.

    Good luck! :o
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