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[title=]wtd_icon.gif What's this about?[/title]

A new tool shows which airports around the globe let you to buy duty-free goods when you get there.

The Dutyfreeonarrival site aims to tell you whether to hit duty-free before or after you jet off, to save taking bagloads of bargains on the plane. This is a new site, so it would be great if you could feedback how useful/accurate it is.

[IMGRIGHT][/IMGRIGHT][title=]wtd_icon.gif How to use it
Just search for your destination and pick airport to see if duty-free’s available on arrival. Other functions such as ferry port info should be added soon.

At the moment the site's rather limited. Duty-free shops’ quality varies, ie, smaller airports mightn’t rival Healthrow’s selection of Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.

So, while it tells you there's a duty-free shop, what we'd like to see is the shop's size, examples of typical prices and how well stocked it is. But it's a start.

[title=]wtd_icon.gif Don't assume duty-free is cheapest [/title]
Duty-free doesn’t always beat online’s cheapest. And, of course, it depends on the strength on the destination’s currency.

If you know what you want, do some research before you head off. MSE's free tool finds the cheapest goods in seconds.

Tell it what you're searching and in one click this tool automatically lists the results from our top pick comparison sites for that search.

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  • Bongedone
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    Just did a quick test:


    CUN, Canc!n International

    Yes, you can buy your Duty Free on Arrival in this country.
    There are currently no arrivals duty-free shops at this airport.

    Which answer is correct?
  • lowcostripoff
    This site could be very helpful to all those with the carry on baggage problems imposed by low cost airlines. Why don't the airlines put this link on their websites to help their customers round these ridiculous rules and regulations? If they did we would all know what we can carry and where we can buy without having it taken off us at the gate!
  • Doshwaster
    Doshwaster Posts: 6,152 Forumite
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    I very rarely buy anything from "duty free" shops these days. In many parts of the world local shops are much cheaper. Shops in airports are often overpriced and just take advantage of a captive market.
  • Toby_Fella
    If airports / duty free operators co-operated with websites like then this would very helpful with your baggage i.e. how many bags are allowed on board as hand luggage or if you want take duty free on board at all!!! This type of website is a great idea for travellers.....can't see why airports don't co-operate!!! It is in their interest!
  • scotsbob
    scotsbob Posts: 4,632 Forumite
    edited 27 July 2010 at 10:08PM
    Bongedone wrote: »
    Just did a quick test:


    CUN, Canc!n International

    Yes, you can buy your Duty Free on Arrival in this country.
    There are currently no arrivals duty-free shops at this airport.

    Which answer is correct?

    Both are correct.

    Mexico allows inbound travellers to buy duty free on arrival. However Cancun airport does not have a duty free shop for arrivals.

    Most likely because Cancun is not a major airport. If you enter Benito Ju!rez, which is Mexicos major international airport, then you will see they do have an inbound duty free shop.
  • Richy999_2
    As a regular traveler I have to say duty free shopping makes my life a lot easier - just ask my wife and daughter! I've already used the site and found it extremely beneficial as the varying rules and restrictions from country to country have always been rather confusing to me. Just a thought -I wonder when the duty free shops will cotton on to this and add their details..!
  • O_Miserly_one
    I hesitate to call the shops Duty Free at European airports - they're mostly not any more - or tax free either. At Madrid Barajas Terminal 4, passengers have been re-routed through the departure lounge on arrivals for some time now. The actual arrivals route is not used much, if ever.

    So you can buy as much as you like on the way to Passport Control. You might get a raised eyebrow when you present your arrivals boarding card, but they have never refused to serve me.

    Prices are not great, but it's handy for last minute stuff and alcohol is still cheap if you shop carefully.
    Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have...a penny. :confused:
  • smigger15
    smigger15 Posts: 38 Forumite
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    Nothing happening for me, put my destination in and it did nothing ?? Only going to Alcudia, Majorca
  • Sunset1
    I think this is good, travelling to Greece soon and used this to find out my allowances. You have to enter the country. I didnt know buying on arrival was an option....planning ahead for future travel I think this is great!
  • bluesfemme
    I live in Perth, Western Australia, and it's definitely available at our international airport.

    I use it every time - buy my alcohol on leaving and then pick it up when i return. It;s there before you got thru customs, so all arriving and departing visitors are able to use.
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