MSE News Ryanair wrists slapped over misleading ad

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Ryanair has once again been reprimanded for misleading customers with low fare offers, a watchdog said today ..."


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    A few weeks ago, a comedian on TV calculated that due to the bag charging policy and the projected toilet charging fee, it would be cheaper to buy a seat for your bag, strap it in, and if the need arose, open it up to use as a toilet.
    Of course no-one would do that but it did illuminate the absurdity of Ryanair's charging if anyone was in any doubt.
    I would like to see a lot more action on misleading ads generally.
    Unfortunately, there is not much will to do so. The horrendous punishment meted out to Ryanair was that they were told not to be such a naughty boy and they were stretched on a rack until they agreed to modify their website.
    In the words of the Monty Python team " Oh no!! Not the comfy chair".
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    The ASA says: "Because we considered that consumers would understand '£10 one way' to mean that all flights to Gothenburg and Dusseldorf were available at £10, and because we had not seen evidence to support that claim, we concluded that the ads were likely to mislead."

    It has told Ryanair to ensure all seats are available at the quoted fare or to state prominently that seats are available "from" a particular price.

    So the clever folk at the ASA think that consumers are so stupid they wont realise that not every flight is only £10.
    They are simply justifying their in most cases unecessary jobs. What a waste of tax payers (and Ryanairs) money
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