Animal Friends / E&L pet insurance - watch the small print

Check your policy documents for nasty hidden surprises.

I'm just sorting out the last couple of bits of paperwork following the death of our puppy in June. He was insured with Animal Friends, which is underwritten by Equine & Livestock.

The Gold Super policy which we had provides death cover up to £1000. The policy document states that it will pay £1000, or the purchase price, or the market value of the dog whichever is lowest. Fair enough. But buried away in the small print on a separate page from that statement is an explanation of what is meant by market value. Market value of your animal decreases as it gets older. Furthermore they automatically reduce the value by 25% if it is neutered. I didn't spot that when we took out the policy or during the 14 day cooling off period, so was quite shocked when the claim for £600 turned into £400 i.e. the purchase price, less the £49 excess, less £150 market value reduction for a neutered pet.

Guess who our new puppy isn't insured with?



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