Washing machine relocating help!!

Good Morning.

This is my first post, hoping I am on the correct board for some help!

We have a very small kitchen in a 2 bed new build (tiny!) We cannot afford to move, so we have decided to stay put and make some changes to make the space work for us.

One of the things we want to do is get a dishwasher in our kitchen.

The kitchen is so tiny, that we think the easiest way for us to get a dishwasher would be to move the washing machine out (and fit the dishwasher in its place) and if possible house the washing machine in the under stairs cupboard.

Its not a huge cupboard, I can stand at its highest end (I'm 5'2") and at the moment it is just full of junk. the downstairs toilet is adjacent to the cupboard and the sink in the toilet is on the adjoining wall. (which is just stud walling I believe)

Is it possible to get the washing machine relocated to the under stairs cupboard??? Will there be anything we can do ourselves to cut back on costs?
A friend said no, as we need ventilation??

Any help/advice would be great.
Thank you. x
(not including our mortgage!)


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