MSE News: 4,000 London kids to get financial education

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"A programme to help educate teenagers in the capital on how to manage money has been launched this week ..."


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    What about all the other kids in the UK?????????????????????

    They get left out then?

    This sounds like a one off program and will hardly touch the surface of teaching all of our kids the basics of finance.
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    Well done to all involved in getting this off the ground. Lets hope it's the start of something big...
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    Simon11 wrote: »
    What about all the other kids in the UK?????????????????????

    This is a good step forward, though I do agree with the above - financial ignorance is a nationwide problem, not just in London.

    I do understand that without the government backing that fell through, it does need to start somewhere, but here's hoping something similar gets rolled out to the kids up here in the North and all over the country :)
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    This is interesting, back in 1982, I and 10 other kids were taken out of mainstream maths at my school and were given two years of purely financial education. We were unable to comprehend the likes of cosines/tangents/logorithams etc. When I left school in 1984, I knew exactly how to run a bank account, look after my money, invest etc etc. After 26 years of hard graft, I retired last year at 42, so something came out of it. In short, anything that teaches kids financial responsibility gets my vote, but it must be made available to all school children, not just a selected few.
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