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Deaf Mute Warden or just ignorant?

I was parked in a loading bay this morning at Tindal Square, Chelmsford, Essex. I nipped into the bank. On return a jobsworth was literally slapping the ticket on the windscreen. He then moved to the front of the car to take a photograph. I approached him and attempted to communicate civily in English about how long he had waited before issuing the ticket. He completely ignored me. I enquired as to whether he was deaf and had no response. He merely walked to the rear of the car before taking another photo and totally blanked me. I was in the car with the engine running as he took his final shot. On the ticket it states the car was observed from 9.51 am to 9.57 am. Surely he should have to take photographic evidence before issuing the ticket with the time on the photograph?? I want to appeal this.
To rub salt into the wound, as I drove around the block he was round the corner giggling on his (no sorry, the taxpayers) mobile phone whilst inputting some data into his handheld computer thing.
Is it any wonder the nation hates these parasites? Any advice on a challenge would be gratefully accepted. Surely the moron must have done something wrong? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
Thanks in advance


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    Russell77 wrote: »
    I was parked in a loading bay this morning
    So you were parked and not loading?
    I nipped into the bank.
    Doesn't quite sound like loading.
    Surely he should have to take photographic evidence before issuing the ticket with the time on the photograph??
    Not necessarily. The photograph would prove that your car was present and to answer any identification queries, but the question of what (if any) loading was observed would be answered by the warden's notebook.

    Whilst the guy could have been more communicative and approachable (which would help prevent them getting such a bad name), it appears he did note a contravention.

    Your best bet is to post up scans of the ticket so that procedural improprieties can be pointed out.
  • malkie76malkie76 Forumite
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    I was parked in a loading bay this morning

    I stopped reading at that point :)
    Legal team on standby
  • peter_the_piperpeter_the_piper Forumite
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    As well as pics of the signs and bay lines where the offence is alleged to have taken place. I suspect they don't answer as they usually get verbals and don't wish to get involved.
    take pics/scans/copies and host on tinypic. Copy the url and paste it into a post. Remove the http:// bit.
    When you copy the ticket remove identifying details and leave dates.
    you may well need to get a copy of the Traffic Regulation Order to see if the bay is legit.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
  • Thanks for the fast resposes all, esp. yours malkie, made me crease up. Don't get me wrong, it's a loading bay alright, not used by retailers however as it's not next to any and wasn't originally a loading bay. I'm not suggesting I was doing anything other than going to the bank, I just don't like traffic wardens and resent them and their employment as well as having to pay for going out the front door. Just looking for another escape as it would give me a warm feeling inside had he screwed up procedurally in some way. Big thanks for the constructive comments so far, i'll get on it. :D
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    Most Councils do make a mess of PCNs, NTOs and lines and signs. I'd say there's every chance you can get off the ticket so boo sucks to the CEO!

    Were you delivering something to the Bank, or collecting anything (even envelope sized?)! Loading bays are not just for commercial vehicles...Google Jane Packer flowers adjudication and you'll see.

    Get yourself over to with your pics of lines, signs (including the bay ends) and front & back of the PCN. Post all of it, all dates, all small print on the reverse, except your car ID and the PCN number. Read the FAQs and stickies then host your pics on tinypic as per the PPP forum rules. Post on this board:

    Pepipoo can offer an appeal in almost every case and can usually swing it if you follow their advice; PCN wording is very, very often flawed. You only risk paying the non-discounted fine rate, no costs even if you go to the adjudicator, so it's always worth a shot IMHO.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
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