Practicing for my TV dancing debut! Blog Discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "Practicing for my TV dancing debut!" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.

Read Martin's "Practicing for my TV dancing debut!" Blog
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  • Hiya

    Just don't try belly dancing, I don't think the outfit would suit you much, mind you, you could wear a veil and no one would know it's you !!!!!

    JAN xxxx :beer:
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  • Hi Martin,

    Only came across this post today but thought I might mention that one of the cheapest and best ways to have a night out, whether during the week or at weekends, is to go dancing.

    I don't mean the swanky clubs that charge nigh-on a tenner for a short; I mean the local danceclubs that abound in the UK.

    I go dancing during the week and at weekends at the local pub in Caterham ( - £5 to get in, £5 for a couple of drinks and bobs-your-uncle, I can dance, chat, exercise (and flirt if I wanted) all night long for £10.

    Absolutely fantastic way to spend an evening, especially when I have already spent a lazy hour or so getting myself all togged up to the nines!

    If you learn to dance properly, then there just aren't enough evenings in the week! So many places, so little time. And if you're a great dancer, well, people will actually come in their cars to pick you up from home !! How's that for cutting the cost of your motoring!!

    And you stop thinking about the boring things: like what's for dinner, like what's on the tv, like waiting in for someone to ring, and then going to bed disappointed cause they didn't.

    All you've got to do is to learn one of the popular dances, such as modern jive (leroc & ceroc), salsa, rocknroll, swing & jitterbug, argie tango, flamenco or khattak. It's an absolute joy. And the people are fantastic too - no couch potatoes (they're all at home watching telly and eating crisps).

    So, if you wanna have a good time, meet people, make new and varied friends, and never be lonely in any city in the world, then slip on your dancing shoes on and get down to your local dance class - six months instuction and practice, and you'll be flying!

    And you'll be going out more than you ever did as a teenager, for far less!
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