Home energy grants

Just recently got a grant of £140 for cavity wall insulation, which leaves us £219 to pay.

The great thing is the body dishing out the grants pays for all the work up front, and then gives you an interest free loan to pay back the balance - they have offered us an interest free loan of up to 36 months(!) to pay them the £219.

So we should save between £75 - £100 pounds a year on our gas bill, whilst earning interest on the money set aside to pay for the work.

I believe you get bigger grants if you are on benefits or are pensioners.


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    These two sites have info about the Home Energy Efficiency Schemes for Wales and England (don't know what happens elsewhere).


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    Grants only seem to be available if you are on certain benefits

    Households, with children under the age of 16, in receipt of an income-related benefit;
    Pregnant women, who receive an income-related benefit and have a MAT B1 certificate provided by their doctor;
    Households who receive a disability benefit.
    Households who are over 60 and receive an income-related benefit.
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    over a month ago we were offered a grant for cavity wall insulation, at a cost of £150 for a 3bed semi, with grant from british gas, and we are not on benefits.

    try https://www.house.co.uk which i think is BG website for domestic. Plus ring a few local insulation people and ask them about grants, as energy providers have to provide grants to cut down energy usage as part of the CO2 reduction initiative ( think i am right, correct me if i am wrong)
  • mutley74
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    BG must have changed the offer but here is a link for free insulation if u buy a boiler from them...but pester your local insulation people about discounts & grants

    click here
  • af20001
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    You can search here for grants in your area:


    We do not get any benefits, but still received a 140 grant.
  • Darryl
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    Have you also heard about the Big Green Boiler Scheme?

    Details here: http://www.green-boilers.com

    While the website seems to suggest this scheme is only available to those in the Thames Valley-ish area of the UK, it is in fact available across the UK!

    If you are about to get a new boiler for your house, you can get a voucher for a high-efficiency boiler that typically makes it cost no more than a normal boiler! So, for the same cost, you'll get a boiler that is something like 90%+ efficient, rather than your typical 78%+; meaning that 90p in every pound you spend on energy (e.g. gas, etc) to power your boiler, gets converted into heat, rather than being blown out of the boiler flue!

    You may also find that you have your own local energy saving advice centre that can also offer such discount vouchers. In fact, I've just found that my local centre (covering Cheshire and Merseyside) can discount the cost of the new boiler I want more than the Big Green Boiler Scheme! So, it's worth investigating if you have the time. My local energy advice centre details are at: http://www.epplus.org/main.htm

    You can find yours at http://www.saveenergy.co.uk/howto/eeacs.cfm
    or by calling 0800 512 012.


    P.S: You don't need to be eligible for a grant to qualify for this scheme. Anyone can get a discount voucher.
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    In Scotland, a company called "Everwarm" do grant jobs for central Heating and cavity wall insulation. If you contact them they may be able to advise on availability and form filling etc.
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    anybody know anything about grants to replace old windows?

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    Replacing windows from an energy efficiency viewpoint is rarely cost effective. The typical saving is aroung 10% of energy, and the payback period is measured in decades.
    If you do replace windows, they will probably be those that now have an emissivity coating, unless the property is listed etc.
    Sometimes, EAGA may install draftproofing, but not advisable on old Crittall windows, as they stick.
  • exmodel
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    "While the website seems to suggest this scheme is only available to those in the Thames Valley-ish area of the UK, it is in fact available across the UK!"

    Well, Daryl I went to the website you mentioned and it doesn't seems to cover where I live which is East Sussex? So how can I get one of these boiler grants?
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