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"New research from MoneySavingExpert has revealed stealth charges can add £100s to holiday costs..."

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    It might not suit everyone but I've recently made an arrangement with a friendly ex-pat. She regularly visits England, and I regularly visit her city in Europe. We now change each other's money for whatever google says the exchange rate is, avoiding poor rates and charges both ways.
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    One important point missed. If you use ANY debit card abroad (even the best) at a 'hole in the wall' make sure you don't allow the bank issueing the money to bill you in sterling. This can give you 5% or more less money as they use dismal exchange rates & charge you to do this ON TOP of what your card charges. You could end up with 10% less money (or more) using the wrong card & opting to let the foreign bank use their exchange rates. Spanish banks seem notorious for doing this.

    In the US many banks charge a fee when you use your card (any card) to withdraw. However some don't charge any fee. I'm sure someone will be along that can tell you which ones don't charge. I seem to remember Bank of America is free - but will be glad to be corrected if I'm wrong.
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