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We ordered £106 worth of wholesale jewellery from a website (i won't name names at the moment) on the 17th August and it and the money came out of our account pretty much the next day. The order followed in the next few days and is riddled with problems. Rusty bent earrings, wrong items being sent, items substituted and items missing. They didn't even bother to refund us the difference between what we ordered and what we recieved which was about £10.

We emailed them immediately and got back an automatic response saying it is their goal to personally answer all emails within 24 hours. I have had to email several more times, using every email address they have and have had no response from any of them. My husband started phoning them Monday last week and their answering machine was full and couldn't accept any more messages. They have since emptied it but it always goes to answering machine. He left a message today for them to phone us back but i get the distinct impression they are trying to ignore us in the hope we go away.

Their T&C's state that for returns you must get in contact within 7 days and they will issue a returns number. This is what we have been trying to do! Since it has been more than 7 days i am worried they will turn around and state this.

Also their T&C's state that for hygiene reasons they cannot accept earrings back, but seriously if i was to wear these, let alone sell them, an ear infection would definately arise.

I am at a loss what to do. I just want to send the whole order back as i would not be buying further items from them. I feel we have been treated absolutely disgusting.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    I'm sure there will be others following with more specific advice, but if I have any issues like this I either go to Trading Standards or the CAB. Both are extremely friendly and give give you specific and legal advice about where to go next.

    Good Luck
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    I was thinking the CAB would be a good place. I have no idea how they are running a business. I know they read emails as they process orders.

    Also i forgot to mention they had a couple of items on their site at £0.00 so we ordered several each. Now they didn't arrive and was probably an error on their part but are they not supposed to honour these prices or at least give an explanation? They were on our delivery sheet so where are they?
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    Phoning Trading Standards this morning. Found a mobile number for this company and the person either pretends its not them or hangs up on me. This is not at all professional. This could have been over and done with if they would just speak to us.
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    If you paid by credit card could you speak to the card issuer and see what they say and whether they are able to do a chargeback? Do you have a returns address for the company that you are in dispute with?
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    Yes i do, but they say you must contact within 7 days for a returns number which is really what we have been trying to do. It was paid by Switch. They are going to be told later today that Trading Standards are involved (if they answer or don't hang up). Using 141 seems to be working but as soon as we ask for Mandy they say its her sister or she is not available etc. I am not so bothered about getting my money back but absolutely in shock that a company can operate by treating its customers like this. If we can stop them doing this to others then great.
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