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My wife purchased a £500 diamond ring from Goldsmiths late last year. She recently noticed that 2 of the diamonds had fallen out of the ring. Goldsmiths have quoted £280 for the repair claiming the damage was natural wear and tear. The ring has only been worn for 5 months as my wife was pregnant and her fingers were swollen. There was no single incident she can remember when the ring was bashed, she just noticed one day that 2 diamonds were missing. Goldsmiths wont back down from their stance despite us having purchased many items from them over the years. Is there any authority we can take this issue further with?
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    wear and tear is such a crap phrase as it just about covers everything. Did you take out any cover with Goldsmiths? Of would it be covered with your contents insurance? I know it's not ideal but if you have to pay it would be better paying a £50 excess than £280.

    Hopefully someone on here will be able to give better advice.
    Good Luck
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    I had a problem with goldsmiths 2 years ago.My husband bought a single diamond ring for 1100 and gifted it to me.I wore it for a while and then it just cracked.I was in utter shock as diamonds do not break.I took it back and they were forced to replace it.I just stuck to my point that diamonds do not break.I was horrified.I had planned to take it to higher ups if there was a problem.But luckily it was sorted that time itself.
    But diamonds falling off thats very strange.They are not doing a good job on the making then.You need to complain and not stop at anything.Write to the higher ups if required.Just go on and on.I just saw a lovely site right now on i think how to complain its there on the same board.It was by macdonag
    Here is the link
    Best of luck and hope you get it sorted
  • In theory if the ring has claw settings it wouldnt take much to 'open' the setting causing the stone to fall out, if its happened on two there is a good chance this is the case. Although your wife may not recall catching it there is always the possibilty she didnt even notice it happen.

    if you are concerned that its poor quality you could take it to an independant jewellers (ie not a high street chain) who will be able to assess the damage and very probably the cause. All jewellers are part of the national association of goldsmiths or alike and that is their governing body.

    best of luck

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