Travel Insurance from overseas posting

We're posted in Cyprus and are looking for travel insurance for our trip back to the UK in the summer.
Can anyone please reccommend a good deal for UK forces?
Thank you


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    Welcome to the forum,

    A strange question ive nearly really thought of.

    If your back in the UK you would be covered by the NHS (You pay Income Tax & NI), and if feeling unwell & in the armed forces any service establishment should let you see a doctor. If your not in the services, then any doctor / hospital drop-in centre will provide help as a temporary patient.

    Though, im sure Forces Financial at your local unit might be a good start if you want some travel insurance, but they might not cover you for living in overseas, and travelling to the uk. You might need a local company travel insurance.

    Let us know what you find.


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    When we were flying my step-kids back from Germany for contact visits with us in the UK (long and expensive story) I tried to get travel insurance for them, as there was a possibility of cancelled trips. I couldn't get any cover as they lived outside the UK, but will be interested to hear if others' views, and your progress.
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    We had the same problem, Trying to be Good - We upgraded our bank account so we pay £10 a month, and amongst the benefits is travel insurance, so we are covered for cancellations etc, and as it's family cover we are covered for all of us, which should include my OH's children when they visi . We struggled to get insurance as we needed a UK address.
  • i am posted in cyprus too i got my travel insurance from forces financial, you can get europe cover or worldr wide from them. just pop into their office they even emailed me my policy.
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