Hi all,

Gonna post a question laterabout the best thing to do now I have almost hit my limit of 5,500 (but with about 5 months left on the 10 month deal, with Sainsburys).

But, for now, I want to take advantage of an offer on MANSION that a lot of you probably know about, and I need to put £480.00 into my MANSION account from my VISA CREDIT card (as it won't accept my debit card for some reason). However, I only have £191.00 left on the card before I hit my limit. I called them this morning to transfer the amount from my current account so that my VISA amount left goes up, if you see what I mean. However, it will be 3/4 working days before it goes through and I am able to use my CREDIT CARD to put the funds into the MANSION account and take up the offer!?!?!?

I am worried that by the time it goes through, the MANSION offer will be taken off the website.

So, my question is, what happens if I put the money in from my VISA CREDIT CARD NOW? I know I will be going over my agreed limit. What will my penalty be? Will the transaction be voided and not take place?

Thanks for reading such a long and rambling thread!

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