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Does anyobe use a perching stool?

Hi, I have been given a perching stool by my social worker and it is not as she described it to me. She said it would be tall enough for me to lean or perch on so I did not have to fully sit down and stand up. This however is just like a chair, I have to sit and the stand to get up from it. I can't see any benefit from having it. I am wondering if she has measured me wrong? Any ideas?


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    We have these at school for disabled students to use. When using them they do just support themselves on them, their legs hardly bend. The seat is just under their bottom when they stand by it and they lean on it for support.

    There is one with arms and one without and both adjustable in height. Yours doesn't sound tall enough.
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    they are adjustable.
    there will be little plastic pegs and extendable legs with different holes
    you need to pull the pegs off one at a time and try it on a different hole until you get the right height.
    just make sure all 4 legs are on the same hole.

    i'm surprised there wasn't an information page with yours when issued.
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    Personally I would call the OT and explain the problem, it may be that she expected the delivery person to make sure any adjustments were done, or expected you to call her so she could come out and demonstrate the equipment and make sure you were happy with it.
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  • I have one. Your sounds as if it's been set too low, it should be adjustable. My OT measured my leg length as well as my height before ordering it, and then put the adjustment required on the order form.
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    I'm 5'10" and mine is just about high enough, with legs bent (mine not the chairs!!!!). I find it more use in the garden because I can't get near enough to anything else (sink/ironing board etc) without leaning over, which I can't do.. It almost sounds like you have a seat for the shower rather than a proper perching stool. Does it have a sloping seat or is it flat?
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    Does your stool look like the ones on this page? -

    It's always possible that there's been a mix-up and you've been sent the wrong thing. Otherwise, maybe it just hasn't been adjusted for you.
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    Hey, thanks you all for your replies. Yes it does look like the perching stool in the picture, it is the one with the back and arms. It does have adjustable legs, I shall see if someone can adjust it for me tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to use it!! There were no instructions with it at all.
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