wanted -cheap shed in south wales

in Wales
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hi , i'm after a shed-hubbie NEEDS another one to store more junk in!!ideally the bigger the better!
i'm in blackwood, gwent, so any body got one they don't want etc-would love to hear.thanks
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Every little helps!!


  • boggie40boggie40 Forumite
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    depends on how cheap you want it... Argos have one slashed by £130 at mo so a real bargain.....
  • boggie40 wrote: »
    depends on how cheap you want it... Argos have one slashed by £130 at mo so a real bargain.....

    it will prob be wafer thin, and the wood will soon split..

    have you got a saw mill near you? as normally shed built by sawmills/specialists use a btter thickness wood.

    i buy all my sheds etc from seven sisters saw mills near Neath..... fantastic quality 9 and no i had nothing to do with the company, i have just bought quite a few for my chickens and a huge one for an office in work)

    If you totally want to take a gamble on response and quality etc, ask on freecycle, or put an ad in the freeads ( now called adtrader) you can do this on-line with adtrader
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  • myrnahazmyrnahaz Forumite
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    I'll second CTC's suggestion - we bought our first shed from Seven Sisters sawmills in 1981 and it has withstood several moves around the garden (DH kept changing the layout of the garden) plus a move to my Dad's house where it's still standing strong. The only thing we had to do was replace the felt when it went to my dad's, but the original had lasted 20 years by then.
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