I got paid three days ago....

I got paid three days ago and I've yet to go to the cashpoint. In fact I had £80 in the bank. This is totally unheard of.

Since I discovered this site I've:

Got cashback for my mobile. (£360 a year)
Always take my lunch into work (£624 a year :eek: )
Started baking (mixed results, it's been a while ;) )
I thought I was being good by buying my diet coke in 6 packs from the supermarket, rather than one can at a time. I've now switched to sainsbury's own make dandelion and burdock.(£224 a year)

Stopped going down the pub every night (that's healthy and moneysaving).(£1040 :eek: :eek: )

I've also stopped smoking but I'm not sure if that's anything to do with this site.(£780 a year)

I find the multiplying how much you spend over a year really helps so I haven't actually saved the above amounts yet, but I will.

Still after 4 months that equals £472.
Plus my bet matching profit of £40

This is the first time I've actually added it up. I think I may have to lie down for a bit :D


  • Sounds pretty darn good to me. Especially that diet coke thing. OMG - what a lot of money! Going down the drain....so to speak ;)
    Total Debt (not incl. mortgage) £35,612 25/8/06 :mad:
  • I`m trying to get my daughters to take a lunch to college.It`s only about £1.50 for a sarnie and a bottle of water,but that`s still £30 a month when they could just raid their mothers fridge and take a bottle of filtered water.
    Tesco diet coke is only £1.99 for 12 cans and tastes pretty good.
  • Changing from Coke is good for your conscience as well as your pocket -they're not exactly the most ethical company around.
    I rarely buy soft drinks in cans: I usually refill empty small plastic bottles, which works out even cheaper. A while ago, I bought a pack of 24 bottles of appleade from Farmfoods for £2.50. Now I've finished the appleade, I'm using the bottles for Jucee blackcurrant squash (£1 for 3 litres, which makes about 12-15 litres of diluted drink, also from Farmfoods).
  • EdimewEdimew Forumite
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    I take your point. I'm quite proud of giving up my coke addiction though. I suffered really bad withdrawel headaches (It's the only time I drank cafeine) at first, but fine now.

    I had thought about squash but I like a bit of fizz with my lunch.I really should stick to filtered water, provided free at work.

    Still baby steps and all that. :)
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