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MSE News: Markets down on recession fears

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Stock markets suffered further turmoil today after Asian equities tumbled overnight amid renewed concerns over Europe and fears for global economic recovery ..."
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  • MikeyorksMikeyorks Forumite
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    Might be more pertinent to plonk this in Savings & Investments?

    As it's mainly the latter that's been adversely impacted with global market drops for the past 6 weeks.
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  • Hello there,

    This may not be the most suitable place to post this.

    I currently went to the halifax bank the other day to talk about possibly savings and investment opportunities. I tend to use this site to put my savings in to fixed rate savers (Cash ISA's and web savers and so on).

    Although when I went in the financial adviser suggested I would most likely get a better return on investing in to stocks and shares ISA at the moment with the market and the ecomoncy being at a low which ideally / hopefully the ecomoncy cycle shouldindicate it rising in the next 3,5,10 years.

    With the new government in place too I think it might be worth while (providing the I can keep my job) investing some in to stocks and shares. (as I believe the government will look to stablise the UK ecomony and then ideally grow again in the next 5 years (no doubt longer too)

    I'm not really experienced with in this area so i'd appreciate some other input.

    The chap at halifax also mentioned to decided ASAP because at the turn of this month they will be changing some of there methods and start charging comission on the stocks/shares for initial admin (or something) and then a 1% fee per year.

    I wasn't sure if he was just saying that to encourage me to invest in stocks and shares with them or whether it was geniune.

    Best Regards,

  • LokoloLokolo Forumite
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    It's a sales pitch. They get paid comission to sell your S&S/Investment products.

    Not sure how the Halifax investments compare but I doubt they are any good. The 1% AMC (Annual Management Charge) is just under average. Not sure what the initial fee is though.

    If you want, do the research yourself, maybe pick a funds of funds investment (which is what the Halifax 'advisor' has done for you). This way you will likely save on costs and you have a wider range of selection to choose from (so you aren't just limited to Halifax products).

    p.s. Savings and Investments board.
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