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'I'm not convinced Cameron's right on Ministerial transport...' blog discussion

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  • DekazerDekazer Forumite
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    As a dedicated motorcyclist myself* I'm no great fan of public transport. I also agree with your blog's financial assessment. However, the change goes one small step further than being gesture politics. Politicians who are forced to travel on public transport will not only be seen to be money saving, but will also be seen to be living like the rest of us, at least in this one small way. It's a humanising move, and a move that will probably have London commuters chuckling down their sleeves.

    Come, politicians, come squeeze on the Central Line at rush hour with the rest of us rat racers and see how you like it. And then create some decent transport policies in light of your experiences.

    Well I can but hope. My current work commute costs around £6.50 per day by bike - including annual costs of running it and wear and tear, not including the initial cost - and more than £10 a day on public transport which is unreliable, overcrowded and takes 3 times as long. *sigh*

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  • how can someone who claims to be so busy have the time to do a blog?
  • eleanora_eleanora_ Forumite
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    how can someone who claims to be so busy have the time to do a blog?
    Because running the blog and website are part of his work...?
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    Martin has a point about using the cheapest v quickest being right during working time.
    However at the start and end of their working week they should use the cheap travel options all the time.
    Why take 1st class train rides when standard class gets you there 2 carridges behind.
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    Being stuck in a traffic jam (as long as you're not the one doing the driving) doesn't necessarily preclude you from doing useful "work" - having to be "at your desk" to be seen to be doing something useful is a throwback to the old days before modern technology, teleworking, iPads, mobile email and so on. Ministers should be able to manage their work schedules so they can use travelling time to events or meetings productively and also experience the public transport that their policies are delivering to the nation. Also, working that many hours a week without any downtime might suggest it's time to take on an employee or assistant to help with the workload.
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    If the economy worsens, I would suggest that they don't stand too close to the edge of the platform.
    Seriously though, I follow what Martin means by minimizing downtime by paying a little more. I sometimes pay to have my ironing or laundry done when I'm too busy with work (I'm self-employed and live on my own). The money I pay for this service is far less than I can earn by using the time for work. As my work hours are governed by daylight, I only tend to buy such a service sometimes during the Summer. Also, it gives me a bit of relaxation time and lets me avoid a job that I don't particularly like.
  • Lara44Lara44 Forumite
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    Also in central London traffic sometimes public transport is a lot quicker!
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    I read somewhere, (although cant remember where) that even though the ministers have to travel by public transport, their paperwork can't for security reasons, so presumably their briefcases and boxes are getting chauffered about anyway. Not sure how true it is, but if so, how crazy is that!!

    Agree with Martins blog BTW
  • Queen-Bee_2Queen-Bee_2 Forumite
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    Agree with Martin 100% on this one. I don't begrudge ministers a car and driver when they need to get to a meeting - it means they are in phone and bb contact, and if they need it, some peace and quiet, which enables them to maximise their valuable time and prepare en-route.

    In my view, this travel by public transport thing is a publicity stunt for the electorate. It wouldn't make business sense in many cases, let alone ministerial sense!
  • SarsieSarsie Forumite
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    Perhaps if our elected representatives are forced to spend a bit more time in the company of normal people we wont be having any more of those incidents where we have a Prime Minister calling his own voters names on a national broadcast and so on! The "trouble with MP's" varies from crisis to crisis and newspaper to newspaper, but if you think about it, a huge proportion of "the trouble with MPs" is that they are not like us.
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