Dehydrated a lupin, can I save it?

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Hi all,

I bought a lupin plant (amongst other things) to plant in the new flowerbed I'm making but for the last 2 weeks I haven't been able to get out there and do any gardening so I put all the plants in old baking trays and watered them thinking they'd be OK.

Looks like I didn't water them often enough, my lupin (which wasn't cheap) has wilted. My fault.

Is there any fabulous way to save it that we know of? Of course water it and talk to it nicely are gonna happen, but what about things like cold tea or eggshells or anything? I don't know jack about gardening frankly- I am just remembering my Gramps doing things like that with his ailling plants sometimes and it working.

Thought I'd see if anyone knows a good one?
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    You could try, but I find tomato food helps with everything. I dunno what they put in the stuff but I could do with it myself today :rotfl:
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    Depending on how bad it has wilted a thorough drench will probably bring it back to life. It'll not be pristine but should survive.
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    if the compost is bone dry add a drop of washing up liquid to the water.It will act as a wetting agent
  • Put the lupin, in its container,in a bigger basin or tub and fill up with water
    It can be very hard to thoroughly wet peat/compost just by pouring water onto the surface - leave- say overnight and take out- leave in shade for a day or two
    That would be my best bet - and I've revived many the B&Q/ Homebase marked down bedraggled fuchia /lupin/ etc
    ( In fact they should not be allowed to sell plants at all- the state some of them are allowed to get into...)
    However- try that
    Good Luck
  • For what its worth, I'd avoid feeds/washing up liquid etc- its had enough of a shock already -the priority is to get the growing medium thoroughly soaked ......
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