Holiday mis-sold,where do I stand?

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    ronnocs wrote: »
    You guys all know your stuff!

    The holiday is with Sunset and I was told earleir today when I called that we probably wouldn't be able to board the flight for this holiday.

    Thanks again for advice/information.

    How would the person at the check-in desk know 1) which hotel you are staying at and 2) that there are age recommedations (Note: not restrictions) at that particular hotel.

    As stated above the flight will be used my many different tour operators, using may different resorts and many different hotels, you really think at check in they will know the recommedations for each and every passengers hotel?
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    Thanks again for comments.

    I'd be happy to stay at accommodation to be honest; just avoid the drunken pool parties etc as it's close to where we need to be and none of the other properties are bery suitable (access issues etc).

    Boarding plane - I was told by TC customer service that it was unlikely we'd be able to board the plane had we just turned up at the airport. I was confused about this as I too thought there would be countless people/companies using the same flight.
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