June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hello everyone! Gorgeous sunny day here today and my garden is coming on nicely. Therefore, I am now able to cut back a bit on the shopping, we are currently eating salad leaves, swiss chard, broad beans and lots of herbs from the garden. The first Potatoes won't be too long now and the red currants are just beginning to get their colour. I am so grateful that I can grow these things as I really don't know how we would cope with the ever increasing supermarket prices. I have just 2 bags left of the frozen blackberries from last year's free picking and also a couple of big bags of frozen apples from our tree. I'm hoping to replenish all these again later in the year because they really have been so useful throughout the year. Another NSD for me today that makes three in a row and something of a record for me at the moment. Think I might need a tiny shop on Saturday. Keep up the good work everyone!
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    Recovering Spendaholic - I found the best flapjack recipe it Twinks hobnob recipe! - I use maple flavoured golden syrup and add either cocoa powder, raisins, chocolate chips then spread it in a baking tray. Turn it out straight away on to a wire rack though otherwise it stays a bit cakey on the bottom!

    Am out for dinner tonight with work as it's my last day tomorrow (v.excited:T).

    I bought cakes out of the gc budget for work and someone is going to re-imburse me for half so I will take that back off my total however she is getting sausage rolls and crisps for me so she will take that off what she gives me - can I still swing this as a technical nsd or am I clutching at straws??!:D
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    Hi All,

    Been a bit quiet this week as been very busy.

    Went to get myself a cinnamon whirl from MrT yesterday (from pm) and discovered Herefordshire strawberries for £1.99 which I couldn't resist and reduced Herefordshire asparagus tips reduced to £1.05 each so I got two! :o To be fair, I got two packs of these tips last week reduced to 65p each and they taste delicious. The local/British asparagus season is so short that these treats are not as extravagant as they initially appear. ;) (Sig is updated)

    I was very good too as I originally picked up and paid for a pack of raspberries but noticed as I was putting them in the car that they had come all the way from Morrocco :eek: so I took them back and got a refund. :T I love raspberries but I'm not willing to pay the food miles for them. I'll wait until I can get some local, English or Scottish ones.

    We were supposed to get the weekly shop done today when I was on my way home from work but I've had a corker of a headache since last night so I didn't go into work and it'll have to be done tomorrow now. It's a beautiful day here too but the sun is making my head worse so indoors for me and I do so love the sun. :cry:

    Unfortunately I won't get an NSD today as we're out of milk and OH will need to get some on his way home. I can't live without my tea. I'm not sure therefore if I'll hit my target on NSD this month although I may have set it unreasonably high. We'll see how it goes.

    I may ask OH to get butcher and grocer stuff tomorrow so we can get an 'extra' NSD on Saturday. Sorry thinking aloud.

    Welcome to the newbies :wave: - you'll find terrific support here. And loads of hugs to all those needing them. :grouphug:

    Going to sort out the huge pile of papers on my desk now. Our local authority started full doorstep recycling this week and our first collection is tomorrow. It's brilliant as we've recycled paper and glass for a while but now can do the whole lot plastic, tin, cans, heavy cardboard, etc. The one service we won't be using is the food waste as we never have any cooked waste and all peelings, teabags, eggshells, loo roll inners, dyson contents, etc go into our compost bins. We have been struggling to think what we will be sending to landfill! :rotfl:

    Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week and I'll speak with you again tomorrow or Saturday.

    Take care,
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    I am hoping for a low spend shop this weekend. Although I suspect I will be doing it in a bad state as I am going for "liquid lunch" on Fri (v rare for me but sometimes you just have to!).

    I already have a large chicken for the family roast dinner. We haven't eaten much fruit this week. We are working through the freezer and I have pork chops, mince beef and IKEA meatballs to use up there. So it should mean a small shop this week, and I think doing it in the local convenience store may cost slightly more but mean that I only get what's needed (rather than being tempted by the bargains!).

    I know I will have a few things to get the week after in terms of toiletries (I am almost out of conditioner, and the tothpaste is almost gone too), but those can wait for the week. Overall, I am still hoping to be well under this month's target by month end.
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    Thanks MrsM :T the recipe looks lovely, i`ve just bookmarked it.:D

    We don`t have a Lidl close by and its quite a trek to the closest one but i`ve heard a rumour that we may get one of the cheaper supermarkets in the area soon, i`ve got my fingers crossed as i`d love one. We do have a Netto not too far away which i used to visit often but don`t go much these days as the prices of a lot of the things that i used to buy from there are now on a par with some other shops own brands. Not worth the extra trip most of the time now. I have some hm blackberry wine which i may break into when its ready and some elderberry too, can`t wait to try them *drools*

    For those who are trying to empty their freezers i can sympathise :o the last twice i did mine i`ve taken everything out and packed it tightly into carrier bags and a plastic laundry basket and defrosted the blooming thing and then put everything back in it again afterwards :o

    I need to cut the contents by two thirds atm to fit a fridge freezer into the kitchen and then have a small freezer as an overflow in a spare room but i`m not doing very well atm.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    Hope you are all having the same lovely sunny weather as have here "up North" at the moment! Have just updated my signature and only have £50 till the end of the month, but that isn't so bad because DD1 goes on holiday to Majorca on Saturday and she eats more than me and DD2 put together! DD2 and I can happily eat out of the freezer and cupboards so spending should be less.

    ASC -I smiled at your post because I am always filling "mythical" baskets at approved food but have yet to order anything! Yummymummy - thanks for the flapjack tip - will give it a try!
    Spiggle - our council only does tins and paper and the tip is 8 miles away from our house - They say they are going to start full recycling soon so fingers crossed!

    Most of my spend over the last couple of days has been for ingredients for DD1's fundraising day at work. I agreed to make and donate 120 "posh" cupcakes which I did yesterday and the ingredients cost me £26 - however there was method in my madness as I sent a load of cake boxes to pack them in and each one I wrote "Jane's cakes" and my mobile number -the fundraiser was today and already I have 3 confirmed orders and 3 enquiries for special occasion cakes:j

    Kids are out for tea with their Dad tonight so I will just have beans on toast as I am knackered after baking until 2am this morning!

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    hi all,been shoping ....£20.00 market....£38.00 mr m's.....£2.20 local shop.£137.38 to last to the end of the month :-)
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    £25 spend today on cleaning stuff and toiletries. Will update my sig in a mo! I need to start researching chutney recipes to sort out my hundreds of tomatoes I'm growing- five different varieties and I hate tomatoes! Weird huh?

    It's so warm here! Going to rummage round the freezer for a dinner in a second!

    Have a good night all :)
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    Thanks MrsMc, Coq au Vin recipe is now in the recipe list :T

    I've done well with NDS's this week, but tomorrow I need to shop for just a couple of things, also auntie thinks she might like a chippy lunch.

    I've fallen off my meal plan this week which means I've not been eating properly so I'm working on a meal plan for the next 2 weeks to get back into a routine with it.

    Get well soon vibes to all our poorlies, positive thoughts to anyone who needs, and a big welcome to our newbies ;)

    Good luck everyone! :beer:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Evening everyone,

    Had to buy some milk today so got enough for the next 6days so hopefully we wont need to go to mr t's for our usual top up shop on sunday. Also got our baby milk - again so we can avoid going till we NEED to actually go. Total spent - £10.20. Off to update siggy
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